Car Donation Directory :: Maine Car Donation

Car Donation in Maine

This is a directory of charity programs in Maine that might accept car donation.. If you are living in Maine and interested in donating your car to charity, you can contact the following programs to see if they accept car donation. We hope to help you to find the best place to donate car in Maine!

Alpha Crisis Pregnancy Center Inc. Sanford, ME
Bethesda House Inc. Sanford, ME
Caring Unlimited Corp Sanford, ME
Child Care Services of York County Sanford, ME
Creative Housing Alternatives for Maine Sanford, ME
Global Inspiration for Today (Until December 2007) Sanford, ME
Goodall Hospital Foundation Inc. Sanford, ME
Henrietta D. Goodall Hospital Inc. Sanford, ME
Historical Society of Newfield Maine Inc. Sanford, ME
John M. Eagleson Jr Institute Sanford, ME
Kiwanis Foundation of Sanford Inc. Sanford, ME
Literacy Volunteers of America Sanford, ME
Literacy Volunteers of Greater Sanford Sanford, ME
Maine State Troopers Foundation 3 Sanford, ME
Manor at Phillipstown Place Inc. Sanford, ME
New England Community Action Association Sanford, ME
North Parish Congregational Church Sanford, ME
Sanford Food Pantry Sanford, ME
Sanford Springvale Call Firefighters Inc. 6 Sanford, ME
Sanford-Springvale Band Enterprises Boosters Association Sanford, ME
Sanford-Springvale Mousam Way Land Tr (Until December 2007) Sanford, ME
Sanford-Springvale Soccer Association Inc. Sanford, ME
Sha Development Corporation (Until March 2004) Sanford, ME
Sheppys Disability Dogs Inc. Sanford, ME
Southern Maine Parent Awareness Inc. Sanford, ME
Sprague Electric Sanford Employees Benefit Fund Sanford, ME
Universal Life Extenstion Church Inc. Sanford, ME
Waban Association for Retarded Citizens Inc. Sanford, ME
Waban Projects Inc. Sanford, ME
York County Community Action Corp Sanford, ME
Young Mens Christian Association Sanford-Springvale Sanford, ME
Sangerville Historical Society Sangerville, ME
United Church of Sangerville Sangerville, ME
National Association for African American Studies Scarboro, ME
Bible Speaks of Portland Scarborough, ME
Choices Are for Everyone Inc. Scarborough, ME
Educational and Research Foundation of the Maine Society of C. P. A. Scarborough, ME
Elder Abuse Institute of Maine (Until June 2006) Scarborough, ME
Food and Fellowship Inc. Scarborough, ME
Foundation for Blood Research Scarborough, ME
Friends of Scarborough Marsh (Until December 2004) Scarborough, ME
Friends of the Scarborough Library Scarborough, ME
George L. Shinn and Clara S. Shinn Foundation Inc. 4 Scarborough, ME
Keys to Kenai Inc. Scarborough, ME
Kitchen Gardeners International (Until December 2007) Scarborough, ME
Longfellow Garden Club Inc. Scarborough, ME
Maine Comprehensive Cancer Care (Until December 2005) Scarborough, ME
Maine DAR E. Officers Association Scarborough, ME
Maine Life Care Retirement Community Inc. Scarborough, ME
Maine Neoroscience Foundation (Until December 2007) Scarborough, ME
Maine Parkinsons Society Scarborough, ME
Maine Photo Corporation 4 Scarborough, ME
Mark W. & Patricia S. Leinonen Charitable Foundation 4 Scarborough, ME
Mmc Hospital Laboratories Inc. Scarborough, ME
Nonesuch Charitable Tr 4 Scarborough, ME
North East Insurance Charitable Foundation Scarborough, ME
Northeastern Regional Association of Assessing Officers Inc. Scarborough, ME
Oak Foundation for Child Health & Education Inc. 4 Scarborough, ME
Project G. R. A. C. E. (Until December 2006) Scarborough, ME
Prouts Neck Association Scarborough, ME
Prouts Neck Historical Society Scarborough, ME
Rock Church of Greater Portland Scarborough, ME
Rotary Club of Scarborough Charitable Fund (Until June 2005) Scarborough, ME
Ruths Reusable Resources Scarborough, ME
Scarboro Public Library Corp Scarborough, ME
Scarborough Band Boosters Scarborough, ME
Scarborough Economic Development Corp Scarborough, ME
Scarborough Historical Society Inc. Scarborough, ME
Scarborough Land Conservation Trust Scarborough, ME
Scarborough Redskins Football Club Inc. Scarborough, ME
Scarborough Soccer Club Scarborough, ME
Scarborough Student Scholarship Program Scarborough, ME
Southern Maine Area Agency on Aging Inc. Scarborough, ME
Southern Maine Flame Softball (Until December 2006) Scarborough, ME
Southwestern Maine Activities Association Scarborough, ME
The Tilly Family Foundation 4 Scarborough, ME
Virginia M. Foley Scholarship Fund Scarborough, ME
Word of Faith Family Church Inc. Scarborough, ME
Gym Dandies Childrens Circus (Until August 2004) Scarorough, ME
Kaler-Vaill Memorial Home Scrarborough, ME
Island Foundation 3 Seal Harbor, ME
Seal Harbor Library Association Seal Harbor, ME
Seal Harbor Village Improvement Society Inc. Seal Harbor, ME
Smoke Fire & Burn Institute Inc. Seal Harbor, ME
Union Congregational Church of Seal Harbor Seal Harbor, ME
Center for Peace Through Creative Expression-In the Moment Productio (Until December 2007) Searsmont, ME
Friends of the Searsmont Library Searsmont, ME
Searsmont Historical Society Searsmont, ME
Carver Memorial Library Association Searsport, ME
Childrens Books Online the Rosetta Project Searsport, ME
Ile Ife Films Searsport, ME
Information Technology Exchange (Until December 2006) Searsport, ME
Lighthouse Bible Church Searsport, ME
Mosman Memorial Park Association Searsport, ME
Penobscot Marine Museum Searsport, ME
Save Our Schools for Msad 56 Searsport, ME
Searsport Historical Society Searsport, ME
Murray Family Foundation 4 Sebago Lake, ME
Sebago Lake Congregational Church Sebago Lake, ME
Sebago Lake Fellowship Sebago Lake, ME
Sebago Community Fire Company Sebago, ME
Sebago Volunteer Emergency Medical Services Association Sebago, ME
Bill Irwin Ministries Inc. Sebec, ME
Sebec Historical Society Sebec, ME
Sebec Village Volunteer Fire Department Sebec, ME
Friends of the Town of Sedgwick Sedgwick, ME
Peninsula Montessori Inc. Sedgwick, ME
Sedgwick-Brooklin Historical Society Sedgwick, ME
Massabesic Athletic Boosters Inc. Shapleigh, ME
Stepping Back Into Life (Until December 2007) Shapleigh, ME
Upper Valley Economic Council Sherman Mills, ME
Vicky E. Morgan Foundation Sherman Mills, ME
Feathers N. Fur Waystation Inc. Sherman Station, ME
Skowhegan Montessori School Showhegan, ME
Skowhegan State Fair Showhegan, ME
New England Music Camp Association Sidney, ME
Sidney Athletic Association (Until January 2007) Sidney, ME
International Lilac Society Inc. Skowegan, ME
Skowhegan Nursery School Inc. Skowhagan, ME
Skowhegan Community Food Cupboard Skowhega, ME
Bio-Medical Institute 4 Skowhegan, ME
Cornville Volunteer Fire Department 67 Skowhegan, ME
Facilitators Improving Salmonid Habitat Skowhegan, ME
Fairview Hospital Inc. Skowhegan, ME
Friends of the Skowhegan Free Public Library (Until April 2006) Skowhegan, ME
Gfwc the Dove Society Skowhegan, ME
Great Moose Lake Regional Land Trust Skowhegan, ME
History House Association Incorporated 3 Skowhegan, ME
Hospice Volunteers of Somerset County Inc. Skowhegan, ME
John Sage Foundation 4 Skowhegan, ME
Kennebec Chudiere Heritage Corridor Corporation (Until June 2007) Skowhegan, ME
Kennebec Valley Trails Inc. Skowhegan, ME
Lake George Corporation Skowhegan, ME
Maine Medical Assessment Foundation Skowhegan, ME
Maine Wolf Coalition Inc. Skowhegan, ME
Park Street Players Skowhegan, ME
Peak Rehabilitation Inc. Skowhegan, ME
Redington Medical Associates Skowhegan, ME
Redington Memorial Home 4 Skowhegan, ME
Redington Memorial Hospital Association Skowhegan, ME
Redington-Fairview General Hospital Skowhegan, ME
Skowhegan Economic Development Corporation Skowhegan, ME
Somerset Academy 4 Skowhegan, ME
Somerset Economic Development Corporation Skowhegan, ME
Somerset Humane Society Skowhegan, ME
Somerset Woods Trustees Skowhegan, ME
Somerset Youth Hockey Association Inc. Skowhegan, ME
Trustees of Bloomfield Academy Skowhegan, ME
Wheelchair Sports Association of Maine (Until June 2006) Skowhegan, ME
Youth & Family Services Inc. Skowhegan, ME
Youthorizons Skowhegan, ME
Curtain Up Enterprises Skowhogan, ME
Town Line Inc. So China, ME
Growth Council of Oxford Hills So Paris, ME
Alpha-One So Portland, ME
Bosworth Memorial Association 4 So Portland, ME
Committee for the Promotion of Square & Round Dancing So Portland, ME
Greater Portland Christian School Association So Portland, ME
Gulf of Maine Marine Education Association So Portland, ME
Jack McPhillips Memorial Fund So Portland, ME
Maine State Aquarist Society Inc. So Portland, ME
John L. Martin Scholarship Fund Inc. Soldier Pond, ME
East Madison Square Garden Council Inc. Solon, ME
Evergreen Cemetery Corp 6 Solon, ME
Solon Village Cemetery Inc. 6 Solon, ME
Acadia Community Theater (Until December 2004) Sommesville, ME
Foundation for Marine Science 4 Sorrento, ME
Sorrento Public Library Sorrento, ME
American Newspaper Repository South Berwick, ME
Childlight Montessori School Inc. South Berwick, ME
Coalition for Energy Self Reliance Inc. (Until June 2007) South Berwick, ME
Community Chorus at South Berwick (Until December 2004) South Berwick, ME
Friends of Childlight Inc. South Berwick, ME
Garvey House Inc. South Berwick, ME
Great Works River Watershed Coalition South Berwick, ME
Greenwood (Until December 2005) South Berwick, ME
Maine Coalition for Food Security South Berwick, ME
Old Berwick Historical Society South Berwick, ME
So Berwick Teen Center (Until June 2004) South Berwick, ME
South Berwick Emergency Ambulance and Rescue Service Inc. South Berwick, ME
The Dunnybrook Historical Foundation Inc. South Berwick, ME
Rutherford Library Assn South Bristol, ME
South Bristol Historical Society South Bristol, ME
Thompson Ice House Preservation Corp South Bristol, ME
Hawthorne Community Association South Casco, ME
China Region Lakes Alliance South China, ME
Church Triumphant Ministries South China, ME
New England Harvest Church South China, ME
Community Concepts Finance Corp (Until September 2005) South Paris, ME
Community Concepts Incorporated South Paris, ME
Great is Thy Faithfulness South Paris, ME
Lake Region Development Council South Paris, ME
McLaughlin Foundation Inc. South Paris, ME
Mission for Christ Church South Paris, ME
Oxford Hills Christian Academy South Paris, ME
Paris Cape Historical Society South Paris, ME
Travis Van Durme Scholarship Fund (Until December 2006) South Paris, ME
Voice for Animals Inc. South Paris, ME
Western Maine Development Association South Paris, ME
Western Maine Finance (Until June 2005) South Paris, ME