Car Donation Directory :: Maine Car Donation

Car Donation in Maine

This is a directory of charity programs in Maine that might accept car donation.. If you are living in Maine and interested in donating your car to charity, you can contact the following programs to see if they accept car donation. We hope to help you to find the best place to donate car in Maine!

Western Maine Nursing Home Inc. South Paris, ME
Friends of the South Portland Public Library South Portland, ME
Quarterback Club South Portland, ME
South Portland Land Tr South Portland, ME
South Portland Youth Hockey Association South Portland, ME
Southern Maine Community College Foundation South Portland, ME
Mount Dessert Symposiums in the Arts Inc. (Until December 2005) South West Harbor, ME
Presumpscot Union Parish South Winpham, ME
Boothbay Region Garden Club Inc. Southport, ME
Friends of Southport Memorial Library (Until December 2006) Southport, ME
Southport Junior Yacht Club Sailing Foundation Southport, ME
Southport Memorial Library Aides (Until August 2008) Southport, ME
Friends of the Southwest Harbor Public Library Southwest Harbor, ME
Islands Association of Museums and Historical Societies Southwest Harbor, ME
Mount Desert Island Lions Charities Inc. Southwest Harbor, ME
Mt. Height Cemetery Assoc 6 Southwest Harbor, ME
Oceanus Intitute Inc. Southwest Hbr, ME
Resident Council Scholarship Fund Southwest Hbr, ME
Safe Family Exchange (Until December 2007) Southwest Hbr, ME
Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Southwest Hbr, ME
Southwest Harbor Fire Assoc Inc. Southwest Hbr, ME
Southwest Harbor Medical Center Committee Southwest Hbr, ME
Varsity Vocals (Until December 2007) Southwest Hbr, ME
Westside Community School High Road Southwest Hbr, ME
Springfield Community Chapel Springfield, ME
Family Care Services of York County (Until December 2007) Springvale, ME
Grahamtastic Connection (Until December 2007) Springvale, ME
Lenox School Inc. Springvale, ME
Magnuson Technical Heritage Foundation 3 Springvale, ME
Nasson Center Redevelopment Inc. (Until December 2006) Springvale, ME
Nasson College Alumni Association Springvale, ME
New Life Centers Inc. Springvale, ME
Parent Resource Center Inc. Springvale, ME
Sanford Maine Stage Company Inc. Springvale, ME
Sanford Springvale Youth Athletic Association Springvale, ME
Sanford-Springvale Rotary Scholarship Fund Inc. Springvale, ME
Southern Maine Regional Planning Commission Incorporated Springvale, ME
Southern Maine Veterans Memorial Cemetery Association (Until June 2006) Springvale, ME
Springvale Public Library Springvale, ME
Springvale Redevelopment Corporation Springvale, ME
The Forrest S. Hutchins Foundation 4 Springvale, ME
Maine Coastal Habitat Foundation 3 Spruce Head, ME
Power Ten New York Inc. Spruce Head, ME
Squirrel Island Historical Society Squirrel Is, ME
Sebasticook Farms St. Albans, ME
St. Albans Historical Society (Until December 2006) St. Albans, ME
St. Albans Housing Corporation 6 St. Albans, ME
Family Worship Assembly Church St. David, ME
St. Francis Historical Society (Until May 2005) St. Francis, ME
St. George Historical Society Rt 131 St. George, ME
St. John Historical Society (Until April 2008) St. John Plantation, ME
Christ Flight Inc. Standish, ME
Gulf of Maine Ocean Racing Association Standish, ME
Improved Order of Redmen of Maine 126 Standish, ME
Living Stone Community Church Standish, ME
Maine Rural Network Standish, ME
Standish Connection Standish, ME
Standish Little League Standish, ME
Standish Softball Association Standish, ME
Uss Avalon Ncc 74914 (Until June 2007) Standish, ME
Hyman Family Foundation 4 Starbrough, ME
Hyman Family Foundation 4 Starbrought, ME
Ervin A. Center Memorial Clinic Hospital Steep Falls, ME
Rail User S. Network Inc. (Until December 2006) Steep Falls, ME
Steep Falls Library Steep Falls, ME
Posibilidad Stetson, ME
Stetson Historical Society (Until December 2005) Stetson, ME
Church of the Open Bible of Cherryfield Steuben, ME
Eagle Hill Foundation (Until December 2004) Steuben, ME
Harvestshare Foundation Steuben, ME
Henry D. Moore Parish House and Library Steuben, ME
Humboldt Field Research Institute Steuben, ME
Maine Coonhound Rescue Inc. (Until December 2006) Steuben, ME
Steuben Elementary Boosters Club Steuben, ME
Steuben Union Church Steuben Maine Steuben, ME
Tunk Resource and Education Exchange (Until December 2005) Steuben, ME
Bar Harbor Theatre (Until December 2005) Stillwater, ME
Stockholm Historical Society Inc. Stockholm, ME
Seed Tree Inc. Stockton Spgs, ME
Stockton Springs Historical Society Inc. Stockton Springs, ME
Stockton Springs Library Committee (Until December 2005) Stockton Springs, ME
Island Community Center Inc. (Until December 2006) Stonington, ME
Island Family Activity Center Inc. Stonington, ME
Island Fishermens Wives Association Stonington, ME
Island Medical Center Stonington, ME
Leslie C. Hicks Memorial Swimming Program Inc. Stonington, ME
Opera House Arts Stonington, ME
Penobscot East Resource Center Inc. (Until December 2007) Stonington, ME
Stonington Quarry Museum Inc. Stonington, ME
Sugarloaf Regional Ski Educational Foundation Stratton, ME
Franklin County Refuge (Until June 2007) Strong, ME
Knights of Pythias of Maine Grand Lodge 126 Strong, ME
Strong Historical Society Inc. Strong, ME
Steuben Volunteer Fire Department Incorporated 67 Stueben, ME
Gilbert & Sullivan Society of Hancock County Sullivan, ME
Hancock County Friends of the Arts Sullivan, ME
Sorrento-Sullivan Recreation Center Sullivan, ME
Grampa Food Pantry Inc. Sumner, ME
Learning Tree Organization (Until September 2006) Sumner, ME
Rumford Community Concert Assn Sumner, ME
Church of Jesus Christ Restoration Branch Sunset, ME
Healthy Island Project (Until December 2007) Sunset, ME
Sunshine Activity Center Inc. Sunset, ME
Arbutus Grange Scholarship Fund 4 Surry, ME
Educational Network for Global and Grass Roots Exchange (Until December 2007) Surry, ME
International Institute for Humane Education Surry, ME
Material Comforts (Until December 2006) Surry, ME
Surry Community Improvement Society Surry, ME
Surry Historical Society 4 Surry, ME
Sustainable Harvest International Surry, ME
The Moonspring Hermitage Inc. Surry, ME
Acadia Family Center Sw Harbor, ME
Harbor House Sw Harbor, ME
M. D. I. Alcohol and Drug Abuse Group Inc. Sw Harbor, ME
Practice Foundation Inc. 4 Sw Harbor, ME
Southwest Harbor Public Library Sw Harbor, ME
Southwest Harbor-Tremont Nursing Service Inc. Sw Harbor, ME
Summer Festival of the Arts (Until September 2006) Sw Harbor, ME
Wendell Gilley Museum of Bird Carving the Sw Harbor, ME
Swans Island Educational Society Swans Island, ME
Swans Island Lobster and Marine Museum Inc. Swans Island, ME
Sweet Chariot Music Festival Swans Island, ME
Natural Dimension Teaching Agency Inc. Swanville, ME
Richard Norton Memorial Trust Swanville, ME
Temple Stream Theater Association Temple, ME
Lillius Gilchrest Grace Institute Tenants Harbor, ME
Port Clyde Arts & Crafts Society Inc. Tenants Harbor, ME
Seaside Cemetery Corporation 6 Tenants Harbor, ME
St. George Youth and Scouting Council Inc. Tenants Harbor, ME
Greenfire Tenants Hbr, ME
Jackson Memorial Library League Tenants Hbr, ME
Mid-Coast Compeer Inc. Tenants Hbr, ME
Saint George Volunteer Firemens Association Tenants Hbr, ME
St. George Community Sailing Foundation (Until December 2005) Tenants Hbr, ME
Trekkers Inc. (Until December 2004) Tenants Hbr, ME
Youth Forum Maine Tenants Hbr, ME
Conservatory of American Letters Thomason, ME
Chamber Theatre of Maine (Until June 2004) Thomaston, ME
Down East Singers Thomaston, ME
Friends of Montpelier Thomaston, ME
Georges River Educational Foundation Thomaston, ME
Georges River Tidewater Assoc Thomaston, ME
Mantrailer of Maine (Until December 2005) Thomaston, ME
Thomaston Historical Society Thomaston, ME
Thomaston Library and Community Center (Until June 2006) Thomaston, ME
Watershed Institute Thomaston, ME
Mount View Fund for Further Education Thorndike, ME
People for People Thorndike, ME
Congregational Food Pantry Topsfield, ME
Coastal Counties Workforce Inc. (Until December 2006) Topsham, ME
Country Kids Academy Inc. Topsham, ME
Cytometry Educational Association Inc. (Until December 2005) Topsham, ME
Flying Changes Center for Theraputic Riding Inc. Topsham, ME
Friends of Topsham Library Topsham, ME
Highlands Resident Asistance Fund Inc. Topsham, ME
Maine Coast Heritage Trust Topsham, ME
Maine Jazz Festival Inc. Topsham, ME
Old Canada Road Historical Society (Until December 2005) Topsham, ME
Riverview Foundation Topsham, ME
Tabernacle Baptist Church Topsham, ME
Tnt Bible Ministries Topsham, ME
Topsham Development Inc. Topsham, ME
Topsham Public Library Topsham, ME
Green Horizon Foundation (Until June 2006) Topshan, ME
Acadia Zoological Park Trenton, ME
Life Christian Academy Trenton, ME
Calvary Baptist Church Turner, ME
Communities Getting Involved (Until December 2007) Turner, ME
Leavitt Area High School Ski Boosters Turner, ME
New Hope Bible Church Turner, ME
River Resources Inc. Turner, ME
Turner Natural History Club Turner, ME
Turner Public Library Turner, ME
B. M. Clark Foundation 4 Union, ME
Congregational Christian Council of Maine Union, ME
Matthews Museum of Maine Heritage (Until September 2005) Union, ME
Mid-Coast Emergency Medical Services Council Inc. Union, ME
South Hope Community Church Union, ME
Thompson Community Center Association Union, ME
Union Corporation for Better Housing Union, ME
Union Historical Society Union, ME
Union Senior Citizens Club Union, ME
Vose Library Union, ME
Bert G. & Coral B. Clifford Charitable Athletic Foundation Unity, ME
Bioregional Conservacy & Reclamation Tr Unity, ME
Future Msad3 (Until December 2008) Unity, ME
Maine Organic Farmers & Gardeners Association Unity, ME
Sebasticook River Watershed Association Unity, ME
South Unity Community Church Unity, ME
Unity Barn Raisers Unity, ME
Unity College Unity, ME
Unity Foundation Unity, ME
Unity Historical Society Inc. Unity, ME
Unity Volumteer Ambulance Corp Unity, ME
Northern Aroostook Alternatives Inc. Van Buren, ME
Heritage Vivant-Living Heritage Vanburen, ME
Duck Pond Wildlife Care Center Vassalboro, ME
Gestalt in Maine Vassalboro, ME
Oak Grove School 4 Vassalboro, ME
American Quality of Life Institute Inc. (Until December 2006) Veazie, ME