Car Donation Directory :: Massachusetts Car Donation

Car Donation in Massachusetts

This is a directory of charity programs in Massachusetts that might accept car donation.. If you are living in Massachusetts and interested in donating your car to charity, you can contact the following programs to see if they accept car donation. We hope to help you to find the best place to donate car in Massachusetts!

Coalition Against Trafficking in Women A. Amherst, MA
Abington Education Foundation Inc. Abington, MA
Abington Elderly Svcs Inc. Abington, MA
Abington Self-Funded Adult Evening School Abington, MA
Abington Youth Soccer Association Abington, MA
Anderson Foundation 4 Abington, MA
Building Fund for A. New Public Library in Abington Abington, MA
Flame of Fire Covenant Church Abington, MA
Friends of the Burton L. Wales Library of Abington Abington, MA
Jps Foundation Inc. (Until December 2008) Abington, MA
Mary T. Soul Foundation Inc. Abington, MA
Mt. Vernon Cemetery Corp 6 Abington, MA
Northey Memorial Trust Abington, MA
Paul R. Fallon Memorial Scholarship Fund (Until June 2007) Abington, MA
Philan Thropic Musical Performances of Massachusetts Inc. (Until December 2003) Abington, MA
South Shore Eagles Inc. Abington, MA
The Old Colony Post 1788 Veterans of Foreign Wars and US Veterans 6 Abington, MA
Triplets Moms and More Inc. Abington, MA
United States Veterans Vietnam Era Post 2 South Shore 6 Abington, MA
All Paws Rescue Inc. Accord, MA
Elizabeth Libby Short Scholarship Fund Accord, MA
Federation of Hellenic American Societies of New England Inc. Accord, MA
Skelly Foundation Inc. 4 Accord, MA
South Shore Amateur Athletic Foundation Accord, MA
Sswbn Educational Foundation Inc. Accord, MA
1-Blue Planet Foundation Ltd. (Until December 2007) Acton, MA
A-B. Jamboree Inc. Acton, MA
A-B. Travel Basketball Program (Until December 2004) Acton, MA
Accessportamerica Inc. Acton, MA
Action Citizens for Environmental Safety Inc. Acton, MA
Acton Barn Cooperative Inc. Acton, MA
Acton Boxboro Youth Hockey Association Inc. Acton, MA
Acton Boxborough Regional Parent Teacher Student Organization Acton, MA
Acton Boxborough Youth Lacrosse Inc. (Until December 2007) Acton, MA
Acton Boxborough Youth Soccer Inc. Acton, MA
Acton Childrens School Inc. Acton, MA
Acton Chinese Language School Acton, MA
Acton Christian Church Acton, MA
Acton Community Center Inc. Acton, MA
Acton Community Chorus Inc. Acton, MA
Acton Community Housing Corp Acton, MA
Acton Conservation Trust Inc. Acton, MA
Acton Cooperative School Inc. Acton, MA
Acton Garden Club Inc. Acton, MA
Acton Historical Society Incorporated Acton, MA
Acton Memorial Library Foundation Inc. Acton, MA
Acton and Boxborough Student Activities Fund Inc. Acton, MA
Acton-Boxborough Colonial Club Inc. Acton, MA
Acton-Boxborough Junior Womens Club Acton, MA
Acton-Boxborough Monday Nite Quaterbacks Association Acton, MA
Animal Umbrella Inc. Acton, MA
Assabet Human Services Inc. Acton, MA
Astra Foundation Inc. 4 Acton, MA
Bagong Kulturang Pinoy Inc. Acton, MA
Bright Futures Adoption Center Inc. Acton, MA
Brihanmharashtra Mandal of North America Inc. Acton, MA
Carlisle Historical Society Inc. Acton, MA
Childrens Island Inc. Acton, MA
Chinese Entrepreneur Association Acton, MA
Committee for the Preservation of Acton Historical Materials Inc. Acton, MA
Commonwealth Civic Ballet Company Incorporated Acton, MA
Community Alliance for Youth Inc. (Until December 2006) Acton, MA
Community Supper Inc. Acton, MA
Concord Family & Youth Services Inc. Acton, MA
Congreagation Bethelohim Acton, MA
Creative Learning Exchange 3 Acton, MA
Dayton [email protected] Trust Acton, MA
Directions in Adult Learning Acton, MA
Discovery Museums Inc. Acton, MA
Doli Atamian Campership Program Inc. Acton, MA
Doreen Grace Fund Inc. Acton, MA
East Coast Roller Hockey Association Inc. Acton, MA
Evangelistic Association of New England Acton, MA
Friday Night Fun Club c/o Paul Storment Acton, MA
Friends of Open House Inc. (Until December 2005) Acton, MA
Friends of the Acton Arboretum Acton, MA
Friends of the Acton Council on Aging Inc. Acton, MA
Friends of the Acton Libraries Inc. Acton, MA
Friends of the Acton Nursing Services Inc. Acton, MA
Hobbes-Hands on Boat Based Education and Science Inc. Acton, MA
Household Goods Recycling Ministry Acton, MA
Infant Toddler Childrens Center Inc. Acton, MA
Irene M. & Ralph C. Zalkan Charitable Foundation 4 Acton, MA
Iron Work Farm in Acton Inc. Acton, MA
John W. McCormack II Foundation Inc. Acton, MA
Jubilee Journey Incorporated Acton, MA
Kids Kount Foundation Inc. (Until December 2007) Acton, MA
Learning Success Helpline Inc. (Until March 2006) Acton, MA
Linder Family Foundation 4 Acton, MA
Luther Conant Parent Teacher Organization Acton, MA
Main Street Action Team Inc. Acton, MA
Manitha Neyam Trust Inc. Acton, MA
Massachusetts Water Works Association Incorporated Acton, MA
McCarthy Towne Parent Teacher Student Organization Acton, MA
Mediation Way Inc. Acton, MA
Merrimack Valley Hebrew Academy Inc. Acton, MA
Naval Sea Cadet Corps Acton, MA
New England Marathi Mandal Acton, MA
New England Mountain Bike Association Inc. Acton, MA
New England Valkyries Inc. Acton, MA
Order of Eastern Star of Massachusettes 28 Magdalene 26 Acton, MA
Parent Teachers Organization Acton, MA
Pilgrim John Howland Society Inc. Acton, MA
Restoration Project Inc. Acton, MA
Rio Maria Committee Acton, MA
Ron and Ariela Beck Family Foundation Inc. 4 Acton, MA
Rosenbaum Steinberg Fam Foundation 4 Acton, MA
Team Psycho Ltd. (Until December 2007) Acton, MA
The Open Door Theater of Acton Inc. Acton, MA
United Way of Acton-Boxborough Inc. Acton, MA
Vision Research Institute 3 Acton, MA
Voyagers Incorporated (Until December 2004) Acton, MA
Acushnet Cemetary Corporation 6 Acushnet, MA
Acushnet Community Services Inc. Acushnet, MA
Acushnet Parent-Teacher Organization Inc. Acushnet, MA
Acushnet Youth Athletic Association Inc. Acushnet, MA
Assistive School System Educational Technology Services Inc. (Until December 2005) Acushnet, MA
Friends of the Acushnet Public Library (Until December 2005) Acushnet, MA
The Association of Individuals Dedicated and Sincere Inc. Acushnet, MA
Adams Agricultural Fair Inc. Adams, MA
Adams Ambulance Service Inc. Adams, MA
Adams Historical Society Inc. Adams, MA
Ashuwillticook River Trail Association Adams, MA
Berkshire Dance Theatre Inc. Adams, MA
Berkshire Nurse Families Inc. (Until December 2004) Adams, MA
Greylock Language & Learning Center Inc. Adams, MA
The Monsignor George V Kerr Scholarship Trust Adams, MA
Agawam Cemetery Association Inc. 6 Agawam, MA
Agawam Church of the Bible Agawam, MA
Alano Club of Springfield Inc. Agawam, MA
Cambridge Credit Counseling Corp Agawam, MA
Crankers Antique Stock Car Club Ltd. Agawam, MA
Employers Association Training Center Inc. Agawam, MA
Friends of Agawam Senior Center Inc. Agawam, MA
Ksd Charitable Foundation 4 Agawam, MA
Massachusetts Library Trustees Association 5 Agawam, MA
Nami Western Massachusetts Inc. Agawam, MA
New England Junior Coyotes Hockey Club Inc. Agawam, MA
Norwegian Heritage Scholarship Foundation Inc. Agawam, MA
Way Off Broadway Inc. Agawam, MA
Western Massachusetts Association of Employment Training Inc. (Until June 2005) Agawam, MA
Work Opportunity Center Inc. Agawam, MA
Alford Land Trust Inc. (Until June 2007) Alford, MA
Alford Volunteer Fire Department Alford, MA
Mary Denny Wray Foundation Inc. 4 Alford, MA
Allston Brighton Comm Dev Corp Allston, MA
Allston Brighton Community Theater Foundation (Until December 2007) Allston, MA
Allston Brighton Islamic Center Allston, MA
Allston Village Main Streets Inc. Allston, MA
Allston-Brighton Area Planning Action Council Inc. Allston, MA
Allstonhop Inc. Allston, MA
Boston Church for Mission Kmc Allston, MA
Brazilian Immigrant Center Inc. Allston, MA
Btl Music Inc. Allston, MA
Church of the Holy Resurrection Allston, MA
Community Condominium Corporation Allston, MA
David Gopen Foundation 4 Allston, MA
Deaf-Blind Contact Center Inc. Allston, MA
Debra B. and Gerald P. Bickoff Charitable Coproration 4 Allston, MA
Developmental Evaluation and Adjustment Facilities Inc. Allston, MA
Friends of the Allston Library Inc. (Until June 2006) Allston, MA
G. Greene Construction Company Foundation Inc. 4 Allston, MA
Generations After Inc. Allston, MA
Gin Te Buddhist Center Inc. Allston, MA
Granada House Inc. on the Health Campus Allston, MA
Great Blue Hills Music Inc. Allston, MA
Greater Boston Chinese Alliance Church Allston, MA
Hamilton Charitable Corporation 4 Allston, MA
Helping Hands Simian Aids for the Disabled Incorporated Allston, MA
Jackson Mann Community School Council Inc. Allston, MA
Joseph M. Smith Community Health Center Inc. Allston, MA
Leaders of Tomorrow Inc. (Until June 2004) Allston, MA
Listen to the Lion Music Inc. Allston, MA
Local Idea Council Inc. Allston, MA
Mass Networks Education Partnership Inc. Allston, MA
Massachusetts National Org for Women Foundation Inc. Allston, MA
Mental Health Programs Inc-Xi Allston, MA
Mental Health Programs Inc. Allston, MA
Mental Health Programs Inc. - V Allston, MA
Mental Health Programs Inc. - X Allston, MA
Mental Health Programs Inc. -Vi Allston, MA
Mental Health Programs Inc. III Allston, MA
Mental Health Programs Inc. IV Allston, MA
Mental Health Programs Inc. IX Allston, MA
Mental Health Programs Inc. VII 4 Allston, MA
Mental Health Programs Inc. VIII Allston, MA
Merwin Memorial Free Clinic for Animals Inc. Allston, MA
New England Deposit Library Allston, MA
New Gallery Concert Series Inc. (Until June 2007) Allston, MA
New Life Fellowship Baptist Church Inc. Allston, MA
Nigerian Islamic Society of Massachusetts Allston, MA
Residential Support Services Inc. (Until June 2004) Allston, MA
Rock & Roll Library Inc. Allston, MA
Russian Community Association of Massachusetts Inc. Allston, MA
Tamu Samaaj Society of Boston A. Nonprofit Corporation (Until December 2007) Allston, MA
West End House Camp Inc. Allston, MA
West End House Inc. Allston, MA
Wgbh Music Inc. Allston, MA
Iglesia Cristiana Jesucristo Vive Alston, MA
Whittier Home Association Amesburg, MA