Car Donation Directory :: New Jersey Car Donation

Car Donation in New Jersey

This is a directory of charity programs in New Jersey that might accept car donation.. If you are living in New Jersey and interested in donating your car to charity, you can contact the following programs to see if they accept car donation. We hope to help you to find the best place to donate car in New Jersey!

Brad J. Pinkowitz Memorial Fund 4 Colts Neck, NJ
Casa Luca Foundation Inc. 4 Colts Neck, NJ
Colts Neck Basketball Club Inc. Colts Neck, NJ
Colts Neck Education Foundation Inc. Colts Neck, NJ
Colts Neck High School Ptso Inc. Colts Neck, NJ
Colts Neck Historical Research Society (Until December 2006) Colts Neck, NJ
Colts Neck Library Foundation Inc. Colts Neck, NJ
Colts Neck Volunteer Fire Company 1 6 Colts Neck, NJ
Community Credit Counseling Corporation Colts Neck, NJ
Covenant Ministries International Inc. Colts Neck, NJ
Festoon Foundation Inc. 4 Colts Neck, NJ
First Aid Squad Colts Neck Colts Neck, NJ
Friendly Sons of St. Patrick of the Jersey Shore Foundation Colts Neck, NJ
Garden Club R. F. D. Colts Neck, NJ
Garipalli Foundation 4 Colts Neck, NJ
Kate Verdon Spisak Foundation for Melanoma Awareness & Research Inc. (Until December 2004) Colts Neck, NJ
Kimberlys Fund Inc. Colts Neck, NJ
Mid-Jersey Nursing Service for Christian Scientists Inc. Colts Neck, NJ
Middletown Hunt Racing Association Inc. Colts Neck, NJ
Minio Family Foundation Inc. 4 Colts Neck, NJ
Ralph J. Anderson Jr Charitable Foundation 4 Colts Neck, NJ
Someone Special Needs You Inc. (Until December 2005) Colts Neck, NJ
Sports Foundation,Inc. Colts Neck, NJ
Toolan Family Foundation Inc. 4 Colts Neck, NJ
Township of Colts Neck P. T. O. Inc. Colts Neck, NJ
Beaver Brook Cemetery Association 6 Columbia, NJ
Knowlton American Legion Home Assn 6 Columbia, NJ
Knowlton Knowledge Inc. Columbia, NJ
Megan Valentine Scholarship Fund Columbia, NJ
Pahaquarry Foundation Inc. Columbia, NJ
Teens Against Drugs and Alcohol Inc. Columbia, NJ
Addis Awards Fund Inc. (Until December 2006) Columbus, NJ
Columbus Home and School Association Columbus, NJ
Family Strength Associates Inc. Columbus, NJ
Four Seasons Mapleton Crp-Aed Inc. (Until December 2005) Columbus, NJ
Friends of Jkn (Until December 2007) Columbus, NJ
Harvest Christian Fellowship Inc. Columbus, NJ
Mansfield Township Ambulance Corps Columbus, NJ
Mansfield Township Historical Society Columbus, NJ
Mansfield Township Quincentennial Inc. Columbus, NJ
Northern Burlington County Regional School District Band Boosters (Until June 2004) Columbus, NJ
Northern Burlington Instructional Athletic Association Columbus, NJ
Northern Burlington Partners in Education Columbus, NJ
Saddle Up Therapeutic Riding Academy Columbus, NJ
The Franklin Fire Engine Company T. A. Franklin Fire Company No 1 Columbus, NJ
Focus America A. N. J. Non Profit Corporation (Until December 2006) Convent Sta, NJ
Jeffrey Frank Wacks Memorial Fund Inc. 4 Convent Sta, NJ
Morris Area Genealogy Society Inc. Convent Sta, NJ
Morris County Sheriffs Crimestopper Inc. Convent Sta, NJ
Opera at Florham Inc. Convent Sta, NJ
Alumnae Association of the College of St. Elizabeth Convent Station, NJ
Gay Activist Alliance in Morris Cou Nty Convent Station, NJ
Morristown Colonial Junior Lacrosse Club Convent Station, NJ
State Ballet Company of New Jersey Inc. Convent Station, NJ
Woodland Avenue Fire Cohook & Ladder 1 Convent Station, NJ
Woodland Home & School Association Convent Station, NJ
Vogeli Family Foundation 4 Convent, NJ
Bob Hacker Scholarship Fund Cookstown, NJ
Cookstown Volunteer Fire Co 1 67 Cookstown, NJ
North Hanover Township Education Philanthropic Fund Inc. Cooktown, NJ
Cape May County Wars Memorial Corbin City, NJ
Westminster Christian Academy Corbin City, NJ
Becomings Environmental Education Foundation (Until September 2004) Cranbury, NJ
Cranbury Arts Council Inc. Cranbury, NJ
Cranbury Association for Children Inc. Cranbury, NJ
Cranbury First Aid Squad Inc. Cranbury, NJ
Cranbury Free Public Library Cranbury, NJ
Cranbury Historical and Preservation Society Inc. Cranbury, NJ
Cranbury Housing Associates Cranbury, NJ
DAR E. New Jersey Inc. Cranbury, NJ
Diana Rochford Memorial Scholarship Fund (Until June 2007) Cranbury, NJ
Emily and John Harvey Foundation 4 Cranbury, NJ
Good News Fellowship Chapel Cranbury, NJ
Hellenic Vision Cranbury, NJ
Holy Virgin Protection Russian Orthodox Church Cranbury, NJ
John W. Petrella Jr Scholarship Fund for Struggling Students (Until December 2007) Cranbury, NJ
Kathy Bichsel Evangelistic Association Inc. Cranbury, NJ
Kindle A. Spark Education Foundation Inc. (Until December 2007) Cranbury, NJ
Middlesex County Medical Society Foundation Inc. 4 Cranbury, NJ
New Jersey Building Laborers Training and Apprenticeship Fund Cranbury, NJ
Nrithyanjali Institute of Dance Inc. Cranbury, NJ
Pearl Merrill Institute for Children Inc. (Until December 2004) Cranbury, NJ
Princeton in Ishikawa Inc. Cranbury, NJ
Professional Service Alumni Assoc A. N. J. Non-Profit Corporation Cranbury, NJ
St. Vladimir Russian Orthodox Information Center Inc. (Until December 2003) Cranbury, NJ
Staff of Life Cranbury, NJ
Stern Family Foundation 4 Cranbury, NJ
The Friends of the Cranbury Public Library Inc. Cranbury, NJ
Todd M. Beamer Memorial Foundation Inc. (Until December 2005) Cranbury, NJ
United Moms Charity Association Inc. Cranbury, NJ
Amateur Astronomers Inc. Cranford, NJ
Angelo R. & Mary V Cali Family Foundation Inc. 4 Cranford, NJ
Best Friend Dog and Animal Adoption Inc. Cranford, NJ
Bryce Curry Memorial Trust Fund 4 Cranford, NJ
Catholic Men for Jesus Christ Inc. (Until December 2003) Cranford, NJ
Celebration Singers Cranford, NJ
Cerebral Palsy League of Union County Cranford, NJ
Chronic Liver Disease Foundation Inc. (Until December 2006) Cranford, NJ
Coalition for Safeminds (Until December 2004) Cranford, NJ
Coalition of Infant Toddler Educators Inc. (Until May 2005) Cranford, NJ
Common Sense Inc. Cranford, NJ
Conservative Religious School of Union County Cranford, NJ
Counseling Centers for Human Development Inc. Cranford, NJ
Cranford Affordable Senior Housing Corporation Cranford, NJ
Cranford Boys Baseball Leagues Inc. Cranford, NJ
Cranford Dramatic Club Cranford, NJ
Cranford Education Association Philanthropic Fund Cranford, NJ
Cranford Family Care Association Inc. Cranford, NJ
Cranford First Aid Squad Inc. (Until December 2006) Cranford, NJ
Cranford Fund for Educational Excellence Inc. Cranford, NJ
Cranford Housing Board Inc. Cranford, NJ
Cranford Housing II Inc. 4 Cranford, NJ
Cranford Jaycees Foundation Inc. Cranford, NJ
Cranford Junior Womans Club of the Village Improvement Association Cranford, NJ
Cranford Police Athletic League in Cranford, NJ
Cranford Rod and Gun Club Cranford, NJ
Cranford Rotary Charitable Fund Inc. (Until December 2005) Cranford, NJ
Cranford Wtc Memorial Fund Inc. (Until December 2006) Cranford, NJ
Crestview Educational Inc. Cranford, NJ
Deaf Golf Association Inc. Cranford, NJ
Diabetes Consortium Inc. (Until December 2006) Cranford, NJ
Diamond Foundation 4 Cranford, NJ
Donald K. Browne Memorial Fund 4 Cranford, NJ
Dr John F. Bateman Education & Development Foundation Cranford, NJ
Ferrantesi Association Inc. Cranford, NJ
First Baptist Church of Cranford New Jersey Cranford, NJ
Forgotten Friends Inc. A. New Jersey Corp (Until December 2005) Cranford, NJ
Foundation for Innovation in Medicine Cranford, NJ
Friends of the Cranford Library Inc. Cranford, NJ
Friends of the Cranford Teen Center Inc. Cranford, NJ
Fusion Dance Theatre Inc. Cranford, NJ
Grace & Peace Fellowship Church Cranford, NJ
Greater Mt. Zion Holy Church of Cranford New Jersey Cranford, NJ
Historical Society Cranford Cranford, NJ
Hudson Judo Yudanshakai Inc. Cranford, NJ
Jersey Mortgage Company Foundation Inc. 4 Cranford, NJ
John J. and Rose Cali Family Foundation 4 Cranford, NJ
Joseph J. Tomasulo Foundation Inc. 4 Cranford, NJ
Julius R. Pollatschek Foundation 4 Cranford, NJ
Junior League of Elizabeth Plainfield Nj Inc. Cranford, NJ
Kourageous Kids Foundation (Until December 2007) Cranford, NJ
Lawrence H. Harrison Family Foundation 4 Cranford, NJ
Leshowitz Family Foundation Inc. 4 Cranford, NJ
Louis J. and Fannie Roncoli Foundation Inc. 4 Cranford, NJ
Marion E. C. Walls Tr UW 4 Cranford, NJ
Mental Health Association of Union County Inc. Cranford, NJ
Mid-New Jersey Youth Soccer Association Inc. Cranford, NJ
Monarch Housing Associates Inc. Cranford, NJ
New Jersey Gam-Anon Cranford, NJ
New Jersey Intergenerational Orchestra A. N. J. Nonprofit Corp Cranford, NJ
New Jersey Right to Life Foundation Cranford, NJ
New Jersey State Safety Council Inc. Cranford, NJ
Paragon Relief Fund Inc. (Until August 2006) Cranford, NJ
Patrick French Foundation A. New Jersey Nonprofit Corporation (Until December 2006) Cranford, NJ
Pfk Foundation Inc. 350 Wyoming Ae S. Orange 4 Cranford, NJ
Project Home of Cranford Nj Inc. Cranford, NJ
Respiratory and Allergic Disease Foundation Inc. (Until December 2007) Cranford, NJ
Resurrection Fellowship Cranford, NJ
Robert J. Bauer Family Foundation 4 Cranford, NJ
Sarah & Paul Densen Charitable Foundation Inc. 4 Cranford, NJ
Small Fam Charitable Foundation Irrv 4 Cranford, NJ
Soccer Club of Cranford Inc. (Until June 2004) Cranford, NJ
Solomon Schechter Day School of Essex and Union Cranford, NJ
Sree Guru Sangha Unit of New York Cranford, NJ
Supportive Housing Association of New Jersey Cranford, NJ
The [email protected] Memorial Foundation A. Charitable Trust Cranford, NJ
The Solomon Schechter Day School of Essex and Union Foundation Inc. Cranford, NJ
Thomas and Ruth Sharkey Family Foundation Inc. 4 Cranford, NJ
Union County College Foundation Inc. Cranford, NJ
United States Sumo Federation Inc. Cranford, NJ
United Way of Cranford Nj Inc. Cranford, NJ
Kind Heart Placement and Rescue Services (Until December 2006) Cream Ridge, NJ
N. J. Christian Academy Inc. Cream Ridge, NJ
Stocklas-Eberhardt Foundation Inc. 4 Cream Ridge, NJ
Heavens Gateway Temple of God Creamridge, NJ
Cresskill Alpine Baseball League Inc. Creeskill, NJ
New York City Junior Volleyball Association Creesskill, NJ
Mario & Theresa Spola Family Foundation 4 Creskill, NJ
Abba Mission Church Cresskill, NJ
Alexis Jordan Foundation Inc. (Until December 2006) Cresskill, NJ
Animal News Center Inc. (Until March 2006) Cresskill, NJ
Community Theater at Tenafly Cresskill, NJ
Cresskil Education Foundation Inc. Cresskill, NJ
Cresskill Alpine Midget Football League Cresskill, NJ
Cresskill Cooperative Preschool Inc. Bryan School Cresskill, NJ
Cresskill Senior Citizens Organization Inc. Cresskill, NJ
Cresskill Volunteer Firemens Association 67 Cresskill, NJ
Cresskill Volunteer First Aid Squad Inc. Cresskill, NJ
Fritz and Adelaide Kauffmann Foundation Inc. 4 Cresskill, NJ
Global Care Unlimited Inc. (Until December 2004) Cresskill, NJ
Good Korean Presbyterian Church Inc. Cresskill, NJ
Hellen Ingram Plummer Charitable Foundation Inc. 4 Cresskill, NJ
Henschel Family Foundation 4 Cresskill, NJ
Hudson River Fishermans Association New Jersey Chapter (Until December 2005) Cresskill, NJ
Human Enterprise Corporation 4 Cresskill, NJ
Intermedia Foundation Inc. Cresskill, NJ
Kids Foundation for Developmental Disabilities (Until December 2004) Cresskill, NJ
Lagalia Family Foundation Inc. 4 Cresskill, NJ
Light & Salt Presbyterian Church Inc. Cresskill, NJ
Magowan Family Foundation Inc. 4 Cresskill, NJ