Car Donation Directory :: New Jersey Car Donation

Car Donation in New Jersey

This is a directory of charity programs in New Jersey that might accept car donation.. If you are living in New Jersey and interested in donating your car to charity, you can contact the following programs to see if they accept car donation. We hope to help you to find the best place to donate car in New Jersey!

Glory Christian Church of New Jersey Hackensack, NJ
Goshin-Ryu Karate Association Inc. (Until December 2003) Hackensack, NJ
Grace Tabernacle Mount Zion Apostalic Church Inc. Hackensack, NJ
H. Jerome Sisselman Torah Foundation 4 Hackensack, NJ
Hackensack Atlantic Alumni Assoc Hackensack, NJ
Hackensack Blue and Gold Scholarship Fund Inc. (Until December 2004) Hackensack, NJ
Hackensack C. A. R. E. S. Inc. Hackensack, NJ
Hackensack Education Foundation Inc. Hackensack, NJ
Hackensack Junior Basketball (Until December 2006) Hackensack, NJ
Hackensack Medical Center Foundation Hackensack, NJ
Hackensack Riverkeeper Inc. Hackensack, NJ
Hackensack University Medical Center Hackensack, NJ
Hackensack Volunteer Ambulance Corps Inc. Hackensack, NJ
Hackensack Youth on the Move Inc. Hackensack, NJ
Hagars Community Development Corp A. New Jersey Non-Profit Corp Hackensack, NJ
Heightened Independence and Progress Inc. Hackensack, NJ
Hekemian Foundation 4 Hackensack, NJ
Hemodialysis Foundation Hackensack, NJ
Highway Holiness Church Ministries Inc. Hackensack, NJ
Hillcrest Health Service System Inc. Hackensack, NJ
Hope for Ex-Offenders Inc. Hackensack, NJ
Iris & B. Gerald Cantor Foundation 3 Hackensack, NJ
Isermann Family Foundation 4 Hackensack, NJ
J. Fletcher Creamer & Son Scholarship Foundation 4 Hackensack, NJ
J. Fletcher Creamer Foundation 4 Hackensack, NJ
Jackson Temple Church of God in Christ Hackensack, NJ
Jewish Association for Developmental Disabilities Inc. Hackensack, NJ
Joseph and Gwendolyn Straus Foundation Inc. 4 Hackensack, NJ
Kenneth A. Muller Foundation Inc. 4 Hackensack, NJ
Korean Presbyterian Church of Hackensack Hackensack, NJ
Law Enforcement Assistance Foundation (Until December 2005) Hackensack, NJ
Living Hope Fellowship Hasbrouck Heights New Jersey Hackensack, NJ
Lord Jesus Love Presbyterian Church Hackensack, NJ
Martin Luther King Senior Center Hackensack, NJ
Mary McLeod Bethune Scholarship Fund Hackensack, NJ
Maya Advani Family Foundation Ltd. 4 Hackensack, NJ
Media Women Inc. Hackensack, NJ
Melik-Baschkopf Foundation 4 Hackensack, NJ
Michael C. Santiago Foundation Inc. Hackensack, NJ
Milton Schamach Foundation Inc. 4 Hackensack, NJ
Mount Olive Baptist Church Hackensack, NJ
Nathalie & Samuel Stein Foundation Inc. 4 Hackensack, NJ
Networx Ministries International Hackensack, NJ
New Hope Community and Economic Development Corporation Inc. Hackensack, NJ
New Jersey Chapter 25 of the National Association of Watch and Hackensack, NJ
New Jersey Classical Guitar and Mandolin Society (Until December 2007) Hackensack, NJ
North Jersey Friendship House Inc. Hackensack, NJ
North Jersey Home Care Association Hackensack, NJ
North Jersey Media Group Foundation Inc. (Until December 2006) Hackensack, NJ
North Jersey Primary Care Associates P. A. Hackensack, NJ
North Jersey United Pentecostal Church Inc. Hackensack, NJ
Our Childrens Foundation of Northern Nj Inc. Hackensack, NJ
P. A. L. of Bergen County Inc. Hackensack, NJ
Pearl Bertha Rebecca & Morris Fein Berg Foundation Inc. 4 Hackensack, NJ
Phyls Fund Hackensack, NJ
Potters House Ministries Inc. Hackensack, NJ
R. W. Ronnie Mutch Foundation Inc. (Until December 2004) Hackensack, NJ
Robert S. & Mary Jane Hekemian 4 Hackensack, NJ
Rutherford Education Foundation (Until December 2006) Hackensack, NJ
Salle Castle and Museum Trust Hackensack, NJ
Scholarship Foundation Bergen Cty Hispanic-American Chamber Comm Hackensack, NJ
Second Street Services Inc. Hackensack, NJ
Seymour Wiener Family Foundation 4 Hackensack, NJ
Shelter Our Sisters Inc. Hackensack, NJ
Society of American Magicians Magic Endowment Fund Inc. Hackensack, NJ
Solid Rock Outreach Ministries Inc. Hackensack, NJ
Submarine Memorial Association Hackensack, NJ
Sung Rak Church Corporation Hackensack, NJ
Talking Newspaper Inc. Hackensack, NJ
Terplan Family Foundation Inc. 4 Hackensack, NJ
The C. J. Foundation for S. I. D. S. Inc. Hackensack, NJ
The Herman Kaye Charitable Foundation 4 Hackensack, NJ
The New York Academy of Dentistry Endowment Fund Incorporated Hackensack, NJ
The Richard Kevin Rockoff Foundation 4 Hackensack, NJ
Tomorrows Childrens Fund Inc. Hackensack, NJ
Trinity Baptist Church of Hackensack Hackensack, NJ
Two Hundred Club of Bergen County Hackensack, NJ
United Healthcare System Hackensack, NJ
Vineyard Christian Fellowship of North Jersey Hackensack, NJ
Visiting Homemaker Home Health Aide Service of Bergen County Inc. Hackensack, NJ
Volunteer Center of Bergen County Inc. Hackensack, NJ
Wayne Group Home Corporation 4 Hackensack, NJ
Winifred M. & George P. Pitkin Foundation Inc. 4 Hackensack, NJ
Womens Army Corps Veterans Association 6 Hackensack, NJ
World for Venice Fund Inc. Hackensack, NJ
Wyckoff Traveling Baseball-Softball Boosters Inc. Hackensack, NJ
Young Mens Christian Assoc of Greater Bergen County Hackensack, NJ
Youth Softball and Baseball of Hackensack (Until December 2006) Hackensack, NJ
Zahava and Moshael J. Straus Family Foundation 4 Hackensack, NJ
Step Shoppe Unlimited Hackestown, NJ
All Aboard for Hackettstown Inc. Hackettstown, NJ
Canal Society of New Jersey Hackettstown, NJ
Carmen Ministries (Until December 2005) Hackettstown, NJ
Centenary College Hackettstown, NJ
Center for Kitchen & Bathroom Education & Research Inc. (Until December 2004) Hackettstown, NJ
Cherish the Child Academy (Until December 2006) Hackettstown, NJ
Church the El Shaddai Inc. Hackettstown, NJ
Colonial Musketeers Fife and Drum Corps Hackettstown, NJ
Colonial Musketeers Senior Ancient Fife and Drum Corps Inc. (Until March 2006) Hackettstown, NJ
Connecting the Dots A. Charitable Foundation Inc. 4 Hackettstown, NJ
County Line Amateur Radio Association of Northwest New Jerse Hackettstown, NJ
Elaine Black Rosenberg Charitable Foundation Inc. 4 Hackettstown, NJ
Friends of the Hackettstown Library Inc. (Until December 2006) Hackettstown, NJ
Friendship Center Inc. Hackettstown, NJ
Hackettstown Bible Church Hackettstown, NJ
Hackettstown Committee for Crime Prevention Inc. Hackettstown, NJ
Hackettstown Community Band Inc. Hackettstown, NJ
Hackettstown Community Health Care Foundation Hackettstown, NJ
Hackettstown First Aid & Rescue Squad Hackettstown, NJ
Hackettstown First Aid and Rescue Youth Squad Hackettstown, NJ
Hackettstown Foundation for Educational Excellance Incorporate Hackettstown, NJ
Hackettstown Rotary Foundation Inc. (Until June 2004) Hackettstown, NJ
Hackettstown Senior Housing Corp Hackettstown, NJ
Hackettstown Tigers Ice Hockey Club (Until December 2004) Hackettstown, NJ
Hackettstown in Line Hockey (Until June 2005) Hackettstown, NJ
Heath Alliance for Care Inc. Hackettstown, NJ
Heath Village Inc. Hackettstown, NJ
House of the Good Shepherd Hackettstown, NJ
House of the Good Shepherd Foundation Inc. Hackettstown, NJ
Independence Soccer Club Inc. Hackettstown, NJ
Islamic Society of North Jersey Inc. Hackettstown, NJ
Joseph A. Courter Memorial Scholarship Fund 3 Hackettstown, NJ
Kickit Inc. Hackettstown, NJ
Kiwanis Club of Hackettstown Foundation Inc. (Until December 2005) Hackettstown, NJ
Korean Presbyterian Church of Hackettstown New Jersey Ttees Hackettstown, NJ
Lady Tigers Booster Club Inc. Hackettstown, NJ
Lenape Valley Alumni Scholarship Inc. Hackettstown, NJ
Mildred Marian Foundation Inc. 4 Hackettstown, NJ
New Jersey Midland Railroad Historical Society Inc. Hackettstown, NJ
New Jersey Shares Inc. Hackettstown, NJ
Panther Valley Ecumenical Ministry Inc. Hackettstown, NJ
Pet Adoption League Inc. Hackettstown, NJ
Preserve Historic Hackettstown Inc. (Until June 2005) Hackettstown, NJ
Project Graduation of Hackettstown Inc. Hackettstown, NJ
Red Star Aviation Museum Inc. Hackettstown, NJ
Stand Up for Children (Until December 2004) Hackettstown, NJ
Stone Soup Symphony Inc. Hackettstown, NJ
The Ladies Auxiliary of the Hackettstown Fire Department Hackettstown, NJ
The Skylands Center Offering Autism Programs Hackettstown, NJ
Tiger Sports Association Hackettstown, NJ
Tri-County Fire Co 1 Hackettstown, NJ
Vigilant Hook & Lader Co No 1 67 Hackettstown, NJ
Warren County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Hackettstown, NJ
Womens Health Resources Inc. Hackettstown, NJ
Haddon Heights Good Neighbors Hadden Heights, NJ
Southside Baptist Church of Indianapolis Inc. Haddofield, NJ
Canuso Foundation Haddon Heights, NJ
Cotler Family Foundation Inc. 4 Haddon Heights, NJ
Haddon Heights Baptist Church Haddon Heights, NJ
Haddon Heights Historical Society Haddon Heights, NJ
Haddon Summer Music Theatre Inc. Haddon Heights, NJ
Heights Hockey Booster Club Inc. Haddon Heights, NJ
South Jersey Information Service Haddon Heights, NJ
St. James Apostolic Temple Haddon Heights, NJ
Calvary Baptist Church Haddon Hgts, NJ
De Martini Foundation Tr 4 Haddon Hgts, NJ
Ebenezer Baptist Church Haddon Hgts, NJ
Garden State Fellowship of Regular Baptist Churches Haddon Hgts, NJ
Grand Royal Arch Chapter of the State of New Jersey 126 Haddon Hgts, NJ
H. H. B. L. Wrestling Inc. Haddon Hgts, NJ
Haddon Heights Ambulance Corps Haddon Hgts, NJ
Haddon Heights Elementary Parent Teacher Group Haddon Hgts, NJ
Haddon Heights High School Alumni Association Haddon Hgts, NJ
Haddon Heights Senior Citizens Housing Corp Haddon Hgts, NJ
Kenya Childrens Aids Project Inc. Haddon Hgts, NJ
Lauren Rose Albert Foundation Inc. (Until December 2004) Haddon Hgts, NJ
Love Fellowship Tabernacle Haddon Hgts, NJ
Morningstar Pentecostal Church of the Apostolic Faith P. A. W. Haddon Hgts, NJ
Our Ladys Oaratory Inc. Haddon Hgts, NJ
The New Jersey Division of the National Model Railroad Assoc Inc. Haddon Hgts, NJ
Haddon Township Zone PTA Scholarshi P. Fund Inc. Haddon Township, NJ
Haddon Township Crew Club Inc. (Until October 2008) Haddon Twp, NJ
American Friends of the Institute of Historical Research London Inc. Haddonfield, NJ
Ann Ferren Charity Inc. Haddonfield, NJ
Archer & Greiner Foundation A. New Jersey Nonprofit Organization Haddonfield, NJ
Bancroft Brain Injury Services A. New Jersey Non-Profit Corporation Haddonfield, NJ
Bancroft Day Students Parents Association Haddonfield, NJ
Bancroft Neurohealth Haddonfield, NJ
Bancroft Rehabilation Services-A. New Jersey Nonprofit Corporation Haddonfield, NJ
Bancroft Rehabilitation Living Centers Inc. Haddonfield, NJ
Bancroft Schools & Communities A. New Jersey Non-Profit Corporation Haddonfield, NJ
Blackstone Valley Baptist Church Haddonfield, NJ
Bobby Fulton Memorial Fund Inc. Haddonfield, NJ
Briar Hill Foundation Inc. 4 Haddonfield, NJ
Byerley Family Foundation 4 Haddonfield, NJ
Camden County Christian Endeavor Haddonfield, NJ
Caring Hearts Ministry Inc. Haddonfield, NJ
Coalition of Southern Nj Private Special Education Schools Inc. Haddonfield, NJ
Consummate Grace Church of God Haddonfield, NJ
Cougars Roller Hockey Club (Until August 2005) Haddonfield, NJ
Danielle Kousoulis Scholarship Fund Inc. (Until December 2005) Haddonfield, NJ
Deliverance - Jesus is Coming Association Haddonfield, NJ
Diane Maslowski Memorial Dance Fund Haddonfield, NJ
Edward Howell Family Association Inc. Haddonfield, NJ
Faith for Now Church Ministries Haddonfield, NJ
First Presbyterian Church of New Jersey Haddonfield, NJ
Francis J. and Albina H. Dunleavy Charitable Foundation 4 Haddonfield, NJ
Gandhi Vora Charitable Foundation 4 Haddonfield, NJ
Gary J. Deacon Memorial Fund Inc. Haddonfield, NJ
Get Where You Are Going (Until June 2007) Haddonfield, NJ