Car Donation Directory :: New Jersey Car Donation

Car Donation in New Jersey

This is a directory of charity programs in New Jersey that might accept car donation.. If you are living in New Jersey and interested in donating your car to charity, you can contact the following programs to see if they accept car donation. We hope to help you to find the best place to donate car in New Jersey!

Montgomery Township Volunteer Fire Company No 2 6 Blawenburg, NJ
Missionary Wheels Blenheim, NJ
Tun Tavern Historical Society Blenheim, NJ
A. Bloomfield Harvest Fest Inc. Bloomfield, NJ
A. Purrfect World Inc. (Until December 2006) Bloomfield, NJ
Abundant Life Worship Center of Whippany (Until December 2004) Bloomfield, NJ
Agape Worship Center Inc. Bloomfield, NJ
Antique Fire Association of New Jersey Inc. Bloomfield, NJ
Bengal Engineering Assoc East Coast Bloomfield, NJ
Berkeley Home & School Association Bloomfield, NJ
Beta Kappa Sigma Black and Latina Sorority Inc. (Until December 2005) Bloomfield, NJ
Bethel Community Development Corporation (Until December 2008) Bloomfield, NJ
Bibak Northeast USA Bloomfield, NJ
Bichon Frise Rescue of Northern New Jersey Inc. (Until December 2005) Bloomfield, NJ
Birthright of Essex County Inc. Bloomfield, NJ
Bloomfield Area Environmental Action Group Bloomfield, NJ
Bloomfield Art League Bloomfield, NJ
Bloomfield Cemetery Company 6 Bloomfield, NJ
Bloomfield Center Alliance Inc. Bloomfield, NJ
Bloomfield College & Seminary Bloomfield, NJ
Bloomfield Educational Foundation Incorporated Bloomfield, NJ
Bloomfield Fereration of Music Bloomfield, NJ
Bloomfield Health Careers Foundation Inc. Bloomfield, NJ
Bloomfield High School Home & School Association Bloomfield, NJ
Bloomfield N. J. High School Alumni Assoc A. New Jersey Nonprofit Corp Bloomfield, NJ
Bloomfield P. B. A. Local 32 Civic Association Inc. Bloomfield, NJ
Bloomfield Volunteer Emergency Squad Inc. Bloomfield, NJ
Brookdale Hsa Inc. (Until August 2004) Bloomfield, NJ
Carteret Home & School Association Bloomfield, NJ
Charles Seller Foundation Bloomfield, NJ
Child Development Center Inc. Bloomfield, NJ
Chinese American Bible Church Inc. Bloomfield, NJ
Christ Temple Church of God in Christ of Newark New Jersey Bloomfield, NJ
Christian Bible Center Bloomfield, NJ
Christian Church of Israel by Faith Inc. Bloomfield, NJ
Christian Outreach Temple of Deliverance Bloomfield, NJ
Circle of Friends for Hydas Inc. Bloomfield, NJ
Community Enrichment Development (Until December 2005) Bloomfield, NJ
Demarest Home and School Association of Bloomfield Inc. Bloomfield, NJ
Diocese of Nj North American Old Roman Catholic Church English Rite Bloomfield, NJ
E. & Co Bloomfield, NJ
Felshtin Society Bloomfield, NJ
Fil-Am Pag-Asa Club Inc. Bloomfield, NJ
Franklin Home & School Association Bloomfield, NJ
Friends of Tegakwita Academy Inc. (Until December 2005) Bloomfield, NJ
Friends of the Library Bloomfield New Jersey Inc. Bloomfield, NJ
Garden State Concert Band Inc. Bloomfield, NJ
Glendale Cemetery Association 6 Bloomfield, NJ
Glendale Cmtry Trust Ua Maus Blm 10067-52-8 6 Bloomfield, NJ
Greater Essex Fire Brigade Inc. Bloomfield, NJ
Highlander Community Fields of Dreams (Until December 2006) Bloomfield, NJ
Historical Society of Bloomfield Bloomfield, NJ
Homeless Animal Adoption League Inc. Bloomfield, NJ
Iglesia Cristiana Emanuel Inc. Bloomfield, NJ
Iglesia Cristiana Pentecostal Hora De Liberacion Inc. Bloomfield, NJ
Iota Community Service Development Project Inc. (Until December 2007) Bloomfield, NJ
Job Haines Home 3 Bloomfield, NJ
Joseph and Marie Pieretti Foundation 4 Bloomfield, NJ
Koinonia Foundation Inc. Bloomfield, NJ
Laguna and Friends Inc. Bloomfield, NJ
Little League Inc. Bloomfield Southern Bloomfield, NJ
Miguel Zayas Ministries Inc. (Until December 2005) Bloomfield, NJ
Ministerio De Mesiones Los Del Camino Bloomfield, NJ
Multiple Sclerosis Assoc of Essex County Inc. Bloomfield, NJ
Mystic Theatre (Until August 2005) Bloomfield, NJ
New Jersey Education Association Bloomfield Best Corp Bloomfield, NJ
New Jersey State Golf Association Bloomfield, NJ
New Jersey Tap Ensemble Inc. Bloomfield, NJ
New Jersey Theatre Ensemble Bloomfield, NJ
New Life Christian Church Bloomfield, NJ
Oak View Home & School Association Bloomfield, NJ
Oakeside Bloomfield Cultural Center Bloomfield, NJ
Order of the Golden Chain Grand Link 126 Bloomfield, NJ
Our Selves to Educate Bloomfield, NJ
Rachelle L. Eichler Scholarship Foundation 4 Bloomfield, NJ
Residents for Community Action Bloomfield, NJ
Shri Sai Charitable Sewa Inc. Bloomfield, NJ
Sparc Ministries Inc. (Until December 2007) Bloomfield, NJ
Special Care Services Inc. (Until August 2007) Bloomfield, NJ
Sri Shirdi Sai Baba Samsthan of America Inc. Bloomfield, NJ
St. Georgs Malmnkara Syrian Orthodox Church Inc. Bloomfield, NJ
St. Marys Orthodox Church of India Inc. Bloomfield, NJ
Temple Ner Tamid Bloomfield, NJ
The New Jersey State Golf Association Youth Foundation Inc. Bloomfield, NJ
Tyme Ministries & Management Inc. (Until December 2006) Bloomfield, NJ
Ugwumba Foundation (Until December 2005) Bloomfield, NJ
United Bassa Liberia Organization in the Americas Bloomfield, NJ
United Way of Bloomfield Bloomfield, NJ
Watsessing Park Conservancy Inc. (Until December 2007) Bloomfield, NJ
Watsessing School Home & School Association of Bloomfield New Jers Bloomfield, NJ
West Orange Senior Citizens Housing Assn Bloomfield, NJ
Bloomingdale Animal Shelter Society Inc. Bloomingdale, NJ
Bloomingdale Baptist Church Trustees Bloomingdale, NJ
Bloomingdale Vol Fire Dept 67 Bloomingdale, NJ
Brd Foundation Inc. 4 Bloomingdale, NJ
Friends of the Bloomingdale Library Bloomingdale, NJ
S. N. A. R. E. Inc. Bloomingdale, NJ
Triboro Little League Inc. Bloomingdale, NJ
American Fund of the University of the Orange Free State Bloomsbury, NJ
Bloomsbury Elementary School Pto Inc. (Until June 2005) Bloomsbury, NJ
Bloomsbury Hose Company Bloomsbury, NJ
Bloomsbury Rescue Squad Bloomsbury, NJ
Center for Policy Research of New Jersey Bloomsbury, NJ
Crc of Nj (Until December 2008) Bloomsbury, NJ
Elnorah Inc. Stepping Stone School Bloomsbury, NJ
Marys Mantle Inc. (Until December 2005) Bloomsbury, NJ
Smart Start Preschool of Stewartsville Inc. (Until June 2006) Bloomsbury, NJ
Winslow Twp Youth Wrestling Association Blue Anchor, NJ
Division for Early Childhood Bogola, NJ
Bogota Advisory Committee on Substance Abuse Inc. Bogota, NJ
Bogota Student Loan Association Bogota, NJ
End Dwi Inc. Bogota, NJ
Mobilization for Animal Rights Inc. Bogota, NJ
New Jersey Grace Baptist Church Bogota, NJ
Pathways Community Music Center Inc. Bogota, NJ
Tabernacle of Our Lord Jesus Christ Apostolic Inc. Bogota, NJ
The Oriental Mission Church of New Jersey Bogota, NJ
Radio Club of America Inc. Bogoya, NJ
Bloomingdale Youth Organization Inc. Bollmingdale, NJ
Higgs Family Foundation Inc. 4 Boonton Township, NJ
Morris County Hotline Boonton Twp, NJ
Adabudrick Child Care and Learning Center Inc. Boonton, NJ
America Middle East Christian Ministry Inc. Boonton, NJ
Baroque Orchestra of Boonton Inc. Boonton, NJ
Benevolent & Protective Order of Elks of the USA Boonton 26 Boonton, NJ
Boonton Cemetery Association 6 Boonton, NJ
Boonton High School Football Committee (Until December 2004) Boonton, NJ
Boonton Main Street (Until June 2007) Boonton, NJ
Boonton Township Education Foundation Inc. Boonton, NJ
Boonton-Mountain Lakes Midget Football Association Boonton, NJ
Bridge to Learning Child Care Center Boonton, NJ
Brookview Wildlife Center Inc. Boonton, NJ
Center of Higher Consciousness Inc. Boonton, NJ
Congregation Adat Israel Inc. Boonton, NJ
Diamond Heart Childrens Foundation Inc. 4 Boonton, NJ
Doolittles Landing A. New Jersey Non Profit Corporation Boonton, NJ
Enchanted Players Inc. Boonton, NJ
Garden State Environet Boonton, NJ
Gary J. Marcello and Susan M. Marcello Foundation Inc. 4 Boonton, NJ
George Foundation Inc. Boonton, NJ
Greater Morris County Junior School Coaches Association Inc. Boonton, NJ
Habberstad Project Inc. Boonton, NJ
Historical Society of Boonton Township Inc. Boonton, NJ
Insideout International Inc. (Until December 2007) Boonton, NJ
Jam-E-Masjid-Islamic Center Inc. Boonton, NJ
Joel Foundation Boonton, NJ
John E. Johanson Foundation 4 Boonton, NJ
John and Mary Linda Foundation 4 Boonton, NJ
Keroglu Association Inc. Boonton, NJ
Kiwanis Ambulance Service of Boonton Inc. Boonton, NJ
Manton B. Metcalf Memorial Association Boonton, NJ
Mini Bowl Inc. Boonton, NJ
Morris County School Media Assoc Boonton, NJ
Morris Land Conservancy Boonton, NJ
Nanas Gift Boonton, NJ
New Jersey Christian Ministries Inc. Boonton, NJ
North Jersey Community Center of the Deaf Boonton, NJ
North Star Competition Cheerleading Association Boonton, NJ
North Stars Association for Competitive Gymnastics Inc. Boonton, NJ
Open Door Ministries World Outreach Center Boonton, NJ
Panpaphian Association of America Inc. Boonton, NJ
Rockaway Valley School Home and School Association Inc. Boonton, NJ
Sheep Hill Astronomical Association Boonton, NJ
Sodhani Foundation Inc. 4 Boonton, NJ
St. Johns Community Developement Corp Boonton, NJ
The New Jersey Skiers Club of the Deaf Inc. Boonton, NJ
Thomas Stewart Memorial Scholarship Fund (Until December 2006) Boonton, NJ
Town Hall of Morris Association Inc. Boonton, NJ
Trustees of the Rockaway Valley Cemetery Association 6 Boonton, NJ
Unity Christ Church Boonton, NJ
Art Pride New Jersey Foundation Inc. Bordentown, NJ
Bill Kelly Jr Memorial Fund (Until December 2006) Bordentown, NJ
Blessed Redeemer Ministries Bordentown, NJ
Bordentown Cemetery Association 6 Bordentown, NJ
Bordentown Community Concert Assn Bordentown, NJ
Bordentown Historical Society Bordentown, NJ
Bordentown Library Association Bordentown, NJ
Bordentown Regional School District Education Foundation Inc. (Until June 2005) Bordentown, NJ
Consolidated Fire Association of Bordentown New Jersey Bordentown, NJ
Derby Volunteer Fire Co 2 Bordentown, NJ
Forecancer-The Anne V Petchel Foundation (Until December 2004) Bordentown, NJ
Hope Hose Humane Company Number 1 of Bordentown New Jersey 67 Bordentown, NJ
Korean Presbyterian Church of Trenton Bordentown, NJ
N. J. State Troopers Nco Assoc Foundation Inc. (Until September 2007) Bordentown, NJ
New Jersey Corporation for Advanced Technology Bordentown, NJ
New Jersey Releaf Inc. Bordentown, NJ
Rollerblade Education Foundation 3 Bordentown, NJ
Sarah Seidel Sisterhood Bordentown, NJ
Society for Industrial Archeology Bordentown, NJ
Society of the Holy Trinity Inc. Bordentown, NJ
South Jersey Building Trades Fund (Until December 2007) Bordentown, NJ
Teach and Train Outreach Inc. Borough Of Middlesse, NJ
Vega Foundation Inc. (Until December 2007) Bort Reading, NJ
Association for Hunterdon Developmental Center Inc. Bound Brook, NJ
Billian Fam Irrv Charitable Tr Ua 3 Bound Brook, NJ
Bound Brook Community Development Association Inc. (Until December 2006) Bound Brook, NJ
Bound Brook Educational Foundation Incorporated Bound Brook, NJ
Bound Brook Rescue Squad Inc. Bound Brook, NJ
Christian Center Church Bound Brook, NJ
Crossroads of the American Revolution Association Inc. (Until December 2006) Bound Brook, NJ