Car Donation Directory :: New Jersey Car Donation

Car Donation in New Jersey

This is a directory of charity programs in New Jersey that might accept car donation.. If you are living in New Jersey and interested in donating your car to charity, you can contact the following programs to see if they accept car donation. We hope to help you to find the best place to donate car in New Jersey!

Association for Conductive Education & Related Services Inc. Robbinsville, NJ
Cuzco Archeology Institute Robbinsville, NJ
Foundation of Housing (Until June 2004) Robbinsville, NJ
Harness Horsemen International Foundation Inc. 4 Robbinsville, NJ
Katzenback Parent & Staff Educational Foundation Inc. Robbinsville, NJ
N. J. State Interscholastic Athletic Association Robbinsville, NJ
Orphan Sponsorship International (Until December 2007) Robbinsville, NJ
Project Freedom Inc. Robbinsville, NJ
Robbinsville Wrestling Association Inc. Robbinsville, NJ
Washington Township Meals on Wheels Incorporated Robbinsville, NJ
Washington Township Memorial Scholarship Fund Robbinsville, NJ
Washington Township Police Athletic League of Robbinsville Inc. (Until December 2007) Robbinsville, NJ
Washington Volunteer Fireman Inc. Robbinsville, NJ
Princeton Breast Cancer Survivors Dragonboat Team (Until December 2006) Robinsville, NJ
Young Entrepeneurs Organization of New Jersey Inc. Robinsville, NJ
Bergens Promise Inc. (Until January 2006) Rochelle Park, NJ
Covenant Life Ministries Inc. Rochelle Park, NJ
Dawn-To-Dusk Christian Childcare & Learning Center Rochelle Park, NJ
Friends of the College of Judea & Samaria Inc. Rochelle Park, NJ
Housing Partnership for Morris County Inc. Rochelle Park, NJ
Joan E. Ciambrone Scholarship Fund Inc. (Until December 2005) Rochelle Park, NJ
Kajima Foundation Inc. 4 Rochelle Park, NJ
Liberty Academy Charter School Inc. Rochelle Park, NJ
Living Water Tabernacle Inc. Rochelle Park, NJ
Meadowlands Museum Rochelle Park, NJ
New Concepts Development Corp Rochelle Park, NJ
New York Susquehanna & Western Technical & Historical Society Inc. Rochelle Park, NJ
Newark Emergency Service for Families Rochelle Park, NJ
Northeast Region Scout Museum Rochelle Park, NJ
Presbyterian Church of Bergen County Rochelle Park, NJ
Project Plus Bergen County Area Inc. Rochelle Park, NJ
Rochelle Park Education Association Philanthropic Fund Inc. 4 Rochelle Park, NJ
Vincent J. Plescia Jr Memorial Scholarship Foundation Inc. Rochelle Park, NJ
Womans Club of Maywood New Jersey Rochelle Pk, NJ
Morris County Challenger Sports League (Until September 2007) Rockaway Borough, NJ
Rayapudi Family Foundation Inc. 4 Rockaway Township, NJ
Zachary Foundation Inc. 4 Rockaway Twp, NJ
Abhay U. Sanvardeker Foundation Inc. 4 Rockaway, NJ
Bell & Barter Theatre & Arts Centre Inc. Rockaway, NJ
Chabad Center of Northwest New Jersey Inc. Rockaway, NJ
Chief Joseph W. Albensi Police Athletic League of Rockaway Town Rockaway, NJ
Child in All of US Foundation A. Nonprofit Corporation (Until December 2004) Rockaway, NJ
Comfort Cooking Inc. Rockaway, NJ
Friends of Rockaway Township Free Public Library Inc. Rockaway, NJ
International Association of Lions Clubs Rockaway, NJ
Jimmy Ippolito Memorial Fund Rockaway, NJ
Kwestel Family Foundation Inc. 4 Rockaway, NJ
Lakeland Christian School Association Rockaway, NJ
Light in the Attic Inc. (Until December 2006) Rockaway, NJ
Living Equally Among Peers A. Nj Nonprofit Corporation (Until June 2007) Rockaway, NJ
Marcella Community Club Rockaway, NJ
Marcella Fire Co No 3 Rockaway, NJ
Morris County Family Support Organization Inc. Rockaway, NJ
Morris County Prevention is Key Inc. Rockaway, NJ
Party City Diaster Relief Fund Inc. (Until December 2005) Rockaway, NJ
Power Workshop Inc. Rockaway, NJ
Rockaway Borough Education Association Philanthropic Fund Inc. Rockaway, NJ
Rockaway Fire Department Association Inc. Rockaway, NJ
Rockaway Township Education Association Philanthropic Fund Inc. Rockaway, NJ
The Borough of Rockaway Historical Committee (Until December 2004) Rockaway, NJ
Jewish Home Foundation of North Jersey Inc. Rockleigh, NJ
Jewish Home and Rehabilitation Ctr Rockleigh, NJ
Jewish Home at Rockleigh Rockleigh, NJ
Jewish Home of Bergen Inc. Rockleigh, NJ
Jh & Rc Senior Housing Inc. Rockleigh, NJ
Rockleigh Community Group Rockleigh, NJ
Alliance for Social Change Rocky Hill, NJ
D&R. Canal Watch Inc. Rocky Hill, NJ
Gardner Group Inc. Rocky Hill, NJ
Rocky Hill Hook and Ladder Co No 1 Inc. (Until December 2005) Rocky Hill, NJ
Rotary Club of Montgomery-Rocky Hill Foundation Inc. Rocky Hill, NJ
Roebling Garden Club (Until December 2006) Roebling, NJ
Roebling Historical Society Roebling, NJ
Roebling Rescue Squad Inc. 6 Roebling, NJ
Digoldene Keyt the Golden Chain Ltd. 3 Roosevelt, NJ
Fund for Roosevelt Inc. Roosevelt, NJ
National Center for the Pro Choice Majority Inc. Roosevelt, NJ
Roosevelt Arts Project Inc. Roosevelt, NJ
Roosevelt Borough Bulletin Inc. Roosevelt, NJ
Roosevelt Cooperative Nursery School Inc. Roosevelt, NJ
Adp Foundation Roseland, NJ
African American Cultural & Education Center Corp (Until December 2006) Roseland, NJ
Alvin & Dorothy Schwartz Foundation 4 Roseland, NJ
American Counsel Scholarship Foundation Inc. 4 Roseland, NJ
Aspen Foundation Inc. 4 Roseland, NJ
Benjamin Wiener Foundation Inc. (Until December 2005) Roseland, NJ
Berlind Foundation 4 Roseland, NJ
Blanche and Irving Laurie Foundation Inc. 4 Roseland, NJ
Brach Fam Charitable Tr Ua 02041997 4 Roseland, NJ
Bro-Dart Foundation 4 Roseland, NJ
Clark Senior Housing Corp (Until December 2004) Roseland, NJ
Congregation Agudath Israel of West Essex Endowment Fund Inc. Roseland, NJ
David H. Cogan Foundation Inc. 4 Roseland, NJ
Drumthwacket Foundation Inc. Roseland, NJ
Education & Health Centers of America Inc. Roseland, NJ
Executive Women of New Jersey Charitable Trust Roseland, NJ
Fairleigh Dickinson Foundation Inc. 4 Roseland, NJ
Florence C. Reeve Foundation 4 Roseland, NJ
Frank T. Kennedy Foundation 4 Roseland, NJ
Guntis Bole Irrv Tr FBO Students Attending the University of Riga 4 Roseland, NJ
Harold & Beatrice Renfield Foundation Inc. 4 Roseland, NJ
Harvey Jacobson Foundation Inc. 4 Roseland, NJ
Hess Foundation Inc. 4 Roseland, NJ
Hoop-A-Paluza Inc. (Until June 2007) Roseland, NJ
I. A. Construction Foundation 4 Roseland, NJ
Island Beach State Park Preservation Foundation Inc. (Until December 2006) Roseland, NJ
J. A. Sullivan Family Trust 4 Roseland, NJ
J. M. R. Barker Foundation 4 Roseland, NJ
Jadami Foundation Inc. 4 Roseland, NJ
Jay B. Abramson Foundation 4 Roseland, NJ
Jensam Foundation Inc. 4 Roseland, NJ
Jersey City Recreation Foundation (Until June 2005) Roseland, NJ
Jhj Foundation Inc. 4 Roseland, NJ
Jsy Foundation Inc. 4 Roseland, NJ
Kean Foundation Inc. 4 Roseland, NJ
Knossos Foundation Inc. 4 Roseland, NJ
Kratka Foundation Inc. 4 Roseland, NJ
Living Hope Ministry Inc. (Until December 2005) Roseland, NJ
Marshall S. Cogan Foundation 4 Roseland, NJ
Master Gardeners of Essex County Inc. Roseland, NJ
Matan Bseter Foundation Inc. 4 Roseland, NJ
McLaughlin Foundation Inc. 4 Roseland, NJ
New Jersey Fencing Alliance Inc. (Until December 2004) Roseland, NJ
New Jersey Golf & Tennis Players Against Aids Inc. Roseland, NJ
Njscpa Education Foundation Inc. Roseland, NJ
Njscpa Scholarship Fund Roseland, NJ
Nsn Foundation Inc. 4 Roseland, NJ
Ora & Charles S. Ramat Foundation 4 Roseland, NJ
Pioneer Crest Inc. Roseland, NJ
Plainfield Area Medical Association Roseland, NJ
Rachel Foundation Inc. 4 Roseland, NJ
Rainbow Academy Foundation Inc. 4 Roseland, NJ
Roseland Educational Foundation Inc. Roseland, NJ
Roseland First Aid Squad Roseland, NJ
Roseland Historical Society Inc. Roseland, NJ
Roseland Junior Womans Club Roseland, NJ
Roseland Recreation Boosters Association Inc. Roseland, NJ
Rutgers Newark Athletic Hall of Fame Inc. (Until June 2005) Roseland, NJ
Seton Co Foundation 4 Roseland, NJ
Seven Trails Foundation Inc. 4 Roseland, NJ
Sophie and Arthur Brody Foundation 4 Roseland, NJ
St. Michael Infectious Disease Associates (Until June 2006) Roseland, NJ
Steven Johnson Memorial Fund Roseland, NJ
Support of Light Activated Research Foundation Inc. Roseland, NJ
Sweetfeet Foundation Inc. 4 Roseland, NJ
Taytay Association of America Tri-State Inc. (Until May 2006) Roseland, NJ
Tesuque Foundation Inc. 4 Roseland, NJ
The Alan V and Amy Lowenstein Foundation Inc. 4 Roseland, NJ
The David S. Steiner and Sylvia Steiner Charitable Trust 4 Roseland, NJ
The High Q. Foundation Inc. 4 Roseland, NJ
The Julie B. Goldman Foundation Inc. 4 Roseland, NJ
The Justin Gimelstob Childrens Fund 4 Roseland, NJ
The Lerner Family Foundation Inc. 4 Roseland, NJ
Trace International Holding Inc. Foundation 4 Roseland, NJ
Tricia M. Zailo Scholarship Fund Inc. (Until December 2005) Roseland, NJ
Urban Health Component Inc. Roseland, NJ
Violet Zall Hordes Foundation Inc. 4 Roseland, NJ
Vladimir Nabokov Literary Foundation Inc. 4 Roseland, NJ
Watchung Hills Wrestling Association Inc. Roseland, NJ
Westville Foundation Inc. 4 Roseland, NJ
William E. McCann Diabetes Foundation Inc. 4 Roseland, NJ
Reem & Kayden Foundation 3 Roselannd, NJ
Asociacion Evangelica De Elizabeth Restauracion En Cristo A. Nj Np Co Roselle Park, NJ
Dads Club of Roselle Park High School Roselle Park, NJ
Janet Memorial Foundation 4 Roselle Park, NJ
Kitty Nightingale Inc. 4 Roselle Park, NJ
Roselle Park Education Foundation Roselle Park, NJ
Roselle Park First Aid Squad Roselle Park, NJ
Roselle Park Historical Society Inc. Roselle Park, NJ
Roselle Park Pop Warner Football League Roselle Park, NJ
Souchek Foundation Inc. 4 Roselle Park, NJ
Union County St. Patricks Day Parade Inc. Roselle Park, NJ
Unitheist Temple Assembly Church Roselle Park, NJ
William C. & Vivian M. Eiff Foundation Inc. 4 Roselle Park, NJ
Union County Summer Music Workshop Roselle Pk, NJ
A. Second Chance for A. New Life Inc. Asc (Until August 2004) Roselle, NJ
Acacia Square Club Inc. Roselle, NJ
Alveys Education Never Ends Programs Inc. (Until December 2007) Roselle, NJ
Bibleway Deliverance Center Church Roselle, NJ
Black Progressive Alliance Inc. (Until December 2006) Roselle, NJ
Blessed Tabernacle Roselle, NJ
Center for the Study of White American Culture Inc. Roselle, NJ
Centro Cultural Rosacruz Amorc Elizabeth Inc. 4 Roselle, NJ
Cercle De Lamitie De New Jersey Roselle, NJ
Clio Club Roselle, NJ
Day Care Center of First Presbyterian Church of Roselle Roselle, NJ
Final Impact Ministry Inc. (Until December 2005) Roselle, NJ
George W. Bauer Family Foundation 4 Roselle, NJ
Humpty Dumpty Memorial Collection Roselle, NJ
Iglesia Cristiana Palabra De Vida Inc. Roselle, NJ
Jericho City Church Without Walls Roselle, NJ
Living Waters Pentecostal Church Roselle, NJ
Logos Love Christian Ministries Inc. Roselle, NJ
Northeast New Jersey Area Convention of NA Inc. Roselle, NJ
Occupational Center of Union County Inc. Roselle, NJ
Omicron XI Omega Scholarship Fund (Until December 2003) Roselle, NJ
Pentecost Inspirational Baptist Church Roselle, NJ
Peter the Apostle Christian Fellowship Roselle, NJ
Reconciliation Temple of Deliverance Inc. Roselle, NJ
Renewed Mind Ministry Inc. Roselle, NJ