Car Donation Directory :: New Jersey Car Donation

Car Donation in New Jersey

This is a directory of charity programs in New Jersey that might accept car donation.. If you are living in New Jersey and interested in donating your car to charity, you can contact the following programs to see if they accept car donation. We hope to help you to find the best place to donate car in New Jersey!

Stillwater Emergency Rescue Squad Stillwater, NJ
Berlin Family Foundation 4 Stirling, NJ
Environmental Montessori School Inc. Stirling, NJ
Long Hill Community Center Inc. Stirling, NJ
Sisters Servants of Jesus Stirling, NJ
Stirling Volunteer Fire Co No 1 6 Stirling, NJ
Hardyston Heritage Society Stockholm, NJ
Hardyston Township First Aid Squad Stockholm, NJ
Jefferson Township High School Lacrosse Association Inc. Stockholm, NJ
Sussex County Conservation Foundation Inc. (Until December 2008) Stockholm, NJ
Tom Berlinski Memorial Foundation (Until December 2003) Stockholm, NJ
Branch Ministries Inc. Stockton, NJ
Delaware River Mill Society at Stockton Stockton, NJ
Ervika Foundation Inc. 4 Stockton, NJ
Martha McLoughlin Foundation 4 Stockton, NJ
New Jersey Coalition for the Public Good Inc. (Until December 2007) Stockton, NJ
New Paltz Peregrine Falcon Foundation Inc. C. O. Dr Heinz Meng Stockton, NJ
South Hunterdon Education Foundation Inc. Stockton, NJ
Sunny Day Care Center Stockton, NJ
The Dibianca-Berkman Foundation Inc. 4 Stockton, NJ
The Roxey Ballet Company Inc. Stockton, NJ
Access to Art Inc. Stone Harbor, NJ
Diller Foundation Inc. 4 Stone Harbor, NJ
Stone Harbor Lions Charities Inc. Stone Harbor, NJ
Stone Harbor Museum Corporation Stone Harbor, NJ
Stone Harbor Rescue Squad Inc. Stone Harbor, NJ
Stone Harbor Volunteer Fire Co 1 67 Stone Harbor, NJ
Wetlands Institute Stone Harbor, NJ
E3Co Inc. Stratford, NJ
Order of Shepherds of Bethlehem Supreme Lodge 126 Stratford, NJ
Penn Jersey Youth Umpires School Inc. Penn Jersey Youth Umpires Stratford, NJ
Philadelphia Colposcopy Society Stratford, NJ
Stratford Ambulance Association Inc. Stratford, NJ
Stratford Athletle Organization Inc. Stratford, NJ
Stratford Education Association Philanthropic Fund Inc. Stratford, NJ
Stratford Fire Company No 1 67 Stratford, NJ
Stratford Parent Teacher Organization (Until June 2004) Stratford, NJ
Word Fellowship Stratford, NJ
Young Womens Christian Association of Camden County & Vicinity Stratford, NJ
Philippine Community of Southern New Jersey Inc. Stratfprd, NJ
Max Rodoff Infant-Toddler Day Care Center Inc. Succasnna, NJ
Roxbury High School Band Parents Association Succasonna, NJ
American Christian School Society Succasunna, NJ
Aspen-Asperger Syndrome Education Network Inc. Succasunna, NJ
Bible Church of Roxbury Succasunna, NJ
Chapel in the Hills Inc. Succasunna, NJ
Dialysis Center of Northwest Jersey Succasunna, NJ
Kiwanis Club of Roxbury Succasunna Foundation Inc. (Until September 2007) Succasunna, NJ
Ladies Auxiliary to Roxbury Fire Company 1 Succasunna, NJ
New Jersey Consortium for Gifted & Talented Programs Inc. Succasunna, NJ
Nursery School at St. Dunstan Inc. Succasunna, NJ
Renaissance Fund Inc. Succasunna, NJ
Roxbury Auxiliary Police Association Succasunna, NJ
Roxbury Colts Football Inc. Succasunna, NJ
Roxbury Daycare Center Inc. Succasunna, NJ
Roxbury High School Baseball Parents Club Inc. Succasunna, NJ
Roxbury High School Field Hockey Patrons Association Succasunna, NJ
Roxbury High School Ice Hockey Booster Association Inc. Succasunna, NJ
Roxbury Parents for Exceptional Children Inc. Succasunna, NJ
Step Ahead Inc. Succasunna, NJ
Succasunna Nursery School Succasunna, NJ
Sugar N. Spice Nursery School Inc. Succasunna, NJ
Swami Shree Budhdev Hindu Vedic Mission Succasunna, NJ
Teresa G. Wright Promise Foundation Inc. Succasunna, NJ
The Friends of the Roxbury Township Public Library Inc. Succasunna, NJ
Volunteer Firemens Association Company No 1 Roxbury 67 Succasunna, NJ
9 11 High School Scholarship Fund in Memory of Patrick S. Murphy (Until December 2006) Summit, NJ
Academic Adventures in America Inc. Summit, NJ
Afternoon Music A. New Jersey Non-Profit Corporation Summit, NJ
Association of Independent Colleges and Universities in New Jersey Summit, NJ
Beacon Hill Club Charitable Foundation Inc. (Until November 2006) Summit, NJ
Bible Truth Ministries Inc. Summit, NJ
Cass Family Foundation 4 Summit, NJ
Celanese Americas Foundation Inc. 4 Summit, NJ
Christian Approach to Urban Subur Ban Encounter Inc. Summit, NJ
Clan Currie Society Inc. Summit, NJ
Communities on Cable Incorporated Summit, NJ
Community Pre-School at St. Johns in C. Summit, NJ
Connection for Women and Families Inc. Summit, NJ
Cooperative Nursey Center of Summit Inc. Summit, NJ
Daughters of the British Empire in State of New Jersey Governing Brd 1 Summit, NJ
David and Karen Moore Family Foundation 4 Summit, NJ
Deborah Sagner Buurma Charitable Foundation 4 Summit, NJ
Deeks Family Foundation 4 Summit, NJ
E. A. Moos Foundation 4 Summit, NJ
Elizabeth Fernald Allen Family Foundation Inc. 4 Summit, NJ
Ernest M. May Foundation 4 Summit, NJ
Family Promise Inc. Summit, NJ
Fortnightly Club of Summit New Jersey Summit, NJ
Friends of Summit Symphony Inc. Summit, NJ
Friends of the Summit Free Public Library Incorporated Summit, NJ
G. Morrison Hubbard Jr Foundation 4 Summit, NJ
Hugin Family Foundation Inc. 4 Summit, NJ
Independent College Fund of Nj Summit, NJ
Institute of Health Research 4 Summit, NJ
International Assn of Performing Arts for Young People Inc. Summit, NJ
International Health Awareness Network Inc. Summit, NJ
Jenna N. Chambeau Foundation 4 Summit, NJ
Jewish Community Centre of Summit N. J. Summit, NJ
Judith S. & Kenneth Peskin Foundation Inc. 4 Summit, NJ
Junior League of Summit Inc. Summit, NJ
Kent Place School Summit, NJ
Ladybug Fund Inc. Summit, NJ
Learning Circle Inc. Summit, NJ
Lincoln-Hubbard School Pto Summit, NJ
Lipper Fam Charitable Foundation 4 Summit, NJ
Liss Foundation 4 Summit, NJ
Love & Care Mission of America (Until December 2005) Summit, NJ
Lowell & Jennifer Millar Foundation Inc. 4 Summit, NJ
M. Buurma Fam Charitable Tr 4 Summit, NJ
Metropolitan Greek Chorale Summit, NJ
Metzger Family Foundation 4 Summit, NJ
Morris Avenue Gospel Hall Summit, NJ
Morse Hill Tr 4 Summit, NJ
National Drug Information & Referral Foundation Inc. Summit, NJ
New Jersey Association of Colleges and Universities Summit, NJ
New Jersey Center for Visual Arts Inc. Summit, NJ
New Jersey Gasp Inc. Group Against Smoking Pollution Summit, NJ
New Jersey Material Fetal Medicine Society Inc. Summit, NJ
New Jersey Wellesley Club Inc. 5 Summit, NJ
Newark Athletic Hall of Fame Summit, NJ
Nicholas J. Bouras and Anna K. Bouras Foundation Inc. 4 Summit, NJ
North Central Ethics Alliance Summit, NJ
Northern New Jersey Chapter of the American Statistical Association Summit, NJ
Ogden Foundation 4 Summit, NJ
Oratory School Development Fund Foundation Summit, NJ
Outreach Inc. Summit, NJ
Overlook Health System Inc. Summit, NJ
Overlook Hospital Auxiliary Summit, NJ
Overlook Hospital Foundation Summit, NJ
Page Hill Foundation Inc. 4 Summit, NJ
Paul S. Nadler Fam Charitable Tr 4 Summit, NJ
Pechter Foundation 4 Summit, NJ
Pep Foundation 3 Summit, NJ
Playhouse Association Incorporated Summit, NJ
Pneuma Foundation Inc. 4 Summit, NJ
Police Athletic League of Summit N. J. Summit, NJ
Reeves-Reed Arboretum Summit, NJ
Resource Center for Women Summit, NJ
Retirement to Renewal the Center for Change Inc. Summit, NJ
Robert and Joan Rothberg Foundation Inc. 4 Summit, NJ
Rose Family Foundation Inc. 4 Summit, NJ
Royce Family Foundation Inc. 4 Summit, NJ
Sage Summit Association for Gerontological Endeavor Summit, NJ
Sales Executive Club of New Jersey Foundation Summit, NJ
Save A. Life Today Foundation A. Nonprofit Corporation Summit, NJ
Senior Connections Inc. Summit, NJ
Skillworks Inc. (Until June 2004) Summit, NJ
Spine and Scoliosis Research Associates Inc. Summit, NJ
St. Stephens Cemetery Maintenance and Preservation Fund Wa Dated 10- Summit, NJ
Stageworks Summit Inc. Summit, NJ
Streams of Hope Center Inc. (Until December 2004) Summit, NJ
Substance Abuse Prevention Fund Inc. Summit, NJ
Suburan Chambers Foundation Summit, NJ
Summit Animal League Inc. Summit, NJ
Summit Area Community School Summit, NJ
Summit Area Development Corporation Summit, NJ
Summit Area Public Foundation Summit, NJ
Summit Bpw Scholarship Foundation Inc. Summit, NJ
Summit Chorale Inc. Summit, NJ
Summit Downtown Inc. Summit, NJ
Summit Educational Foundation Inc. Summit, NJ
Summit Football Alumni Association Inc. Summit, NJ
Summit Garden Club Summit, NJ
Summit High School Band Parents Association Summit, NJ
Summit Historical Society Inc. Summit, NJ
Summit Home for Children Chesebrough Foundation 4 Summit, NJ
Summit Homeless Intervention Program Summit, NJ
Summit Jaycees Foundation Summit, NJ
Summit July Fourth & Celebration Committee Inc. Summit, NJ
Summit Junior Fortnightly Club Summit, NJ
Summit Lacrosse Club Summit, NJ
Summit Lions Foundation Summit, NJ
Summit New Jersey Junior Baseball League Inc. Summit, NJ
Summit Performance Arts Resource Committee Summit, NJ
Summit School Booster Association Summit, NJ
Summit Summer Festival Chorus (Until December 2006) Summit, NJ
Summit Tennis Association (Until December 2004) Summit, NJ
Summit Volunteer First Aid Squad Inc. Summit, NJ
Summit Womens Club Summit, NJ
Suzanne & David Jackson Foundation 4 Summit, NJ
Team Summit Association Inc. Summit, NJ
Temple Sinai Summit, NJ
The Aircast Foundation Inc. 4 Summit, NJ
The Charles J. Rich Dora A. Rich and Robert A. Rich Educational Trust Summit, NJ
The Elizabeth F. Walker Foundation 4 Summit, NJ
The Place A. Resource Center for Men A. New Jersey Nonprofit Corpora Summit, NJ
The Reeves Foundation 4 Summit, NJ
The Ssr Foundation Inc. 4 Summit, NJ
The Summit Nj College Club Foundation Inc. Summit, NJ
Thomas Doerflinger Foundation Inc. 4 Summit, NJ
Thomas I. Glasser Memorial Scholarship Fund Inc. (Until September 2005) Summit, NJ
Twin Beeches Foundation Charitable Tr 120297 4 Summit, NJ
Virginia Metzler Family Charitable Foundation 4 Summit, NJ
Welsh Family Foundation Inc. 4 Summit, NJ
Wildwood Foundation 4 Summit, NJ
Wilfred and Leoba Dempsey Foundation 4 Summit, NJ
William H. & Sadie R. Cutter Trust Fund Inc. 4 Summit, NJ
Willis and Nancy King Foundation Inc. 4 Summit, NJ
Word of Life Ministries Summit, NJ