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How A Smart Phone Can Make Donating A Car A Smart Move

One way to assure yourself of greater efficiency is to reduce the number of cars you have in your household.  While this sounds contrary to current trends it makes sense when you examine the amount of money spent per car.  For example, do you really need to pay insurance for more than a single vehicle?  And how much do you pay annually to maintain your extra car?  What else could you do with that extra cash?  

Now, there are certainly circumstances when more than a single vehicle is needed by a family or household.  When the main income earners work at two distinctly separate careers and places of employment, or when they work at different schedules it is often essential that they have transportation at hand.  But how many families have to have more than a single vehicle?  Or can a family do just as well by better coordinating their schedules and travel needs.  

Today we are so used to having our car right at our fingertips that we overlook the expense and energy that goes into vehicle ownership and maintenance.  Everything from assuring the upkeep and maintenance of the vehicle to legal, financial, and operational aspects of vehicle ownership has a cost that is rarely if ever recouped.  For this reasons many government tax regulations would list vehicle ownership as “pleasure use” unless it could be clearly documented as necessary for daily income.  

But now the “necessity” of having that extra vehicle is rendered even more dubious because we now have available the latest line of smart phones and communication devices that can perform many of the tasks that once required a personal trip or our presence on the spot.  A modern smart phone like the iPhone 5 (currently available from Groupon for significant price savings) can enable one to participate in conference calls or interviews, calculate a spreadsheet or a major stock trade transaction, deposit or withdraw sums from a foreign bank, and order a five-course banquet dinner to be delivered for your next family gathering - all while you are seated in your chair at the barbershop.  And you don’t need your car to go to any of those locales – and maybe not even to your barbershop as well!

When ownership of a quality smart phone makes it possible to abandon the possession and upkeep of a second or third car, it also becomes possible to seriously consider donating that extra vehicle.  Not only can you relieve yourself of that added expenses and encumbrances of extra car ownership, but you can also benefit significantly from the tax advantages and merits you gain from donating that spare car to a worthy cause.  Ultimately everyone comes out ahead – the recipient, the environment, the tax rolls, and you when you relieve yourself of that extra expense burden by taking full advantage of modern smart phone communications instead. 

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